Wow! You must have touched a Magic Flower! Perhaps you could reveal some secrets...
Starlow, Super Mario 3Dimensional

Magic Mario
Magic Mario about to shoot some red Magic.
Original Character(s) Mario and co.
Achieved By Touching a Magic Flower
Forfeited By Touching a hazard
Main Element(s) Magic
First Appearance Super Mario 3Dimensional
Latest Appearance Super Mario World 3: A Galaxy Quest
Main Ability/ies
Shooting Magic

Magic Mario is one of Mario's forms via by getting a Magic Flower. It first appears in the game Super Mario 3Dimensional.


While in this form Mario can shoot Magic Balls from his magic scepter. These Magic Balls are not effected by gravity and can be aimed. The Magic Balls may also turn enemies into coins, Super Mushrooms or even rare 1-Up Mushrooms and reveal the contents in blocks.


  • Mario's Magic Ball abilities are based off of the Koopalings.
  • One of Magic Mario's designs is based off the Magikoopas.
  • If a magic ball is shot at a Koopaling then the Koopaling will absorb the magic ball and shoot a magic ball two times bigger.


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