Full Name Maggie
Location Crystal City, Mushroom Kingdom
Class Partner
Main Weapon(s) Her wand

Maggie is a Magikoopa who left the Koopa Troop because she wasn't being treated enough like an individual she says, but really it's because people weren't fawning over her. She wears a yellow robe however she hides her teeth because she has braces, her sceptor is infused with a pink crystal and her eyes can't be seen in her glasse, probably because she is blind and hides her eyes so people don't stare.

Maggie was always a very beautiful young Magikoopa so when she was blinded she went through a depressive phase which is when she joined the Koopa Troop, thinking she was fighting for Koopa liberation when really it was to hurt people that were mean to her. She was stationed in her home town of the Crystal City when she met Kolorado.

Kolorado didn't want to fight Maggie but she attacked him and so they battled, after she was defeated by Kolorado and his partners she saw the bond they had, she asked if she could sign up and she was inlisted in the "Kolorado Krew" as she called it. Maggie could fly Kolorado over lava and spikes.

Leaving the Koopa Troop

Maggie found herself stationed in her home town of Crystal City away from all the other Magikoopas, she thought it was because she was so strong but really it was because all the other Magikoopas complained about her. When she found Kolorado and was defeated by him, she finally found the acceptance she craved for and joined the "Kolorado Krew". She could hover Kolorado over large gaps like lava and spikes while carrying Kolorado on her broom.


  • Nose Dive - Maggie takes a dive in on her broom, head first into foes which does 1 damage on normal rank (2 if timed correctly), 2 on super rank (4 if timed correctly) and 4 on Ultra Rank (6 if timed correctly).
  • Water Blast - Maggie shoots a powerful water blast at foes which does 2 damage on normal rank (4 if timed correctly), 3 on Super Rank (5 if timed correctly) and 5 on Ultra Rank (6 if timed correctly) with double damage done to water enemies. It takes up 3 Koopy points.
  • Flame Wall - Maggie expels a powerful wall of fire which does 2 damage to all enemies on Super Rank (4 if Timed correctly) and 3 damage to all enemies on Ultra Rank (5 if timed correctly). It takes up 4 Koopy Points. It can only be used when Maggie is Super Rank.
  • Blizzard - Maggie sends out a powerful blizzard to attack all of the foes on the screen which does 5 damage (7 if timed correctly) and it takes up 6 Koopy Points. It can only be used when she is on Ultra Rank.