Capital City mafinsiti
Largest City lorglugar
Language(s) fanetiklaeng
American English
Leader(s) re kantcomafin II
National Anthem
gloria ta mafinia
Demonym Mafinian
Date Format YY-MM-DD
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Mafinia is country 61 on Osiris. It is known for its strange culture and language. Mafinia is home to a number of large cities, most of which are very technologically advanced. In terms of notable wildlife, sentient muffins are native to Mafinia, and are culturally significant in many ways.

The buildings there are hexagon-based for some reason, unlike most places whose buildings are based around rectangles.





About half of all Mafinians are non-religious, while the other half practices a religion called dilibros on mafin, which is muffin-centric. Dom is polytheistic, but the main god is di agengmafafin, a large muffin in sunglasses and a red wrapper. He is said to control Mafinia's very existence, as well as the fates of its inhabitants. There is some evidence for the existence of agengmafafin, but no definitive proof, so religious debates are a common occurrence.



The official language of Mafinia is the somewhat-standardized fanetiklang, which can be transcribed in a number of different ways.

Each character has a distinct pronunciation. Accent falls on the second syllable in words with at least four, and on the first syllable in all other words.

Verbs are conjugated by changing the vowel at the end. A verb doesn't have to be conjugated if the subject is present, but this is considered informal and bad style. A table of conjugations in the past, present, and future tenses is as follows.

past present future

Fanetiklang uses equivalents for both "of" and the possesive "'s". "'s" translates to "no", as in Japanese, and "of" to "on", the same word but reversed.




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