Madotsuki the hikikomori
Full Name Madotsuki
Gender Female
Location Japan
Class Hikikomori
Main Weapon(s) Knife
Ability/ies Effects
First Appearance Yume Nikki (2004)

Madotsuki is the protagonist from Kikiyama's popular doujinsoft game Yume Nikki. In her original appearance, she was a hikikomori who never left her apartment. This affliction caused her to have vivid, strange dreams.


Madotsuki is a silent character who always seems to have her eyes closed. Her only interests seem to be playing an incredibly depressing video game called "NASU" and sleeping. This has caused many gamers to relate to her.

When Mado is asleep, she enters a weird dream world which is connected to a place called the Nexus. Her dreams reveal many caveats and traits regarding her character: largely, she seems to feel ostracized from society and other people. After waking up, she writes these dreams down in her dream diary (the titular Yume Nikki).


Yume Nikkcraft

Mado appears in Yume Nikkcraft as the main character. In the game, players control her in a Minecraft-like environment which takes the form of the original dream world from Yume Nikki.

Mario: Dance Floor Paranoia


She is a playable character in Mario: Dance Floor Paranoia. In the Campaign mode, she is seen living in a tall apartment building in Shroom City. She is also selectable in Multiplayer mode. There are no voice clips for Madotsuki, instead the only sounds associated with her character are event sound effects from Yume Nikki. Mado's victory theme is a remix of the Flute theme.