Get out of my head you blasted, um.... THING!
Madnesscrazy to Slenderman

Madnesscrazy for Madnesscrazy's Adventure 2
Current Age 15 (In Madnesscrazy's Adventure)

16 (in MC adventure 2)

Date of Birth 6/1/97
Gender Male
Species Human/Madness Character
Location Glen
Current Status Alive
Class Hero, Gamer
Family and Relations
Jack (Room mate, creator)
Main Weapon(s) Varies in each game
Ability/ies Considerable Strength, Speed, Aglility, Intellegence and Flexblitiy

Dark Side: Super Speed, Strength, Aglity and Flexablity, Able to fire Dark Beams, Telekenisis, Posession, Fire and Electricty Manitpulation and can summon any weapon

Voice Actor(s)
Blud D Mess
First Appearance AKC: Rise of the Sheriff (As a Battle Mode only Character)
Latest Appearance Madnesscrazy's Adventure 2: T'was the Demon on christmas
Madnesscrazy (MC for Short) is a Male Human who is the main Character of Madnesscrazy's Adventure


Madnesscrazy's Adventure

Madnesscrazy is a 15 year old Boy who is constantly Haunted by Slenderman in his Dreams. Living with his Family in the town of Glen. When he was 7 Slenderman appeared in his dreams. Not sure who or what he was, just brushed it off until he was 13 where the dreams became progressively worse. After Two more years, he had enough of it and desided to face him head on, Slenderman excepted his challenge with a catch, he has to progress though 25 levels and obtain the Dream Gems, under threat that he'll be locked in his own mind forever. After Collecting the Dream Gems, He fought Slenderman and Came out the winner, when coming back to the real world, the Dream Gems granted him the power to become a Darker Form of himself, known as Dark Madnesscrazy, which he turns into when he is angered.

Personality and Appearance

Madnesscrazy is a somewhat serious child, with the occasional tendacy to be silly. He animates most of the time. He can be caring when he wants to, and he can be equality infuriating. Before the events of Madnesscrazy's Adventure, when he's angry, he'd threaten to bash anyone who came near him. After those events, His personality becomes somewhat Darker and won't hesitate to damage anyone who approched his Dark Side when infuriated. He is never seen without what he calls his signiture hoodie, a black, unzipped hoodie, underneath these, he wears his normal clothes which are usally grey. He has brown eyes but they are often viewed as Black and has a hair style simular to Edd's but with five tufts of hair hanging out of the front instead of 3. His Dark Side has a Simular Appearance, But has Darker hair and Skin, His hair and Hoodie are roughed up, claws on his hands and feet, sharp teeth and his Eyes are completely Black with a Red outline.


In Madnesscrazy's Adventure 2, he went though a redesign.


Normal Form

  • Considerable Strength
  • Considerable flexablity
  • Considerable Duriablility
  • Considerable Speed
  • Considerable Intellegence

Dark Form

  • Super Strength
  • Super Flexablility
  • Super Durablility
  • Super Speed
  • Considerable intellegence
  • Fire Dark Beams
  • Telekenisis
  • Posession
  • Can manipulate fire and electricity.
  • Weapon Summoning

Game Appearances

Main Character

Playable Character

Bonus Character


Fantendo Riders: Boost

Character Image Type Gear Attacks Special Tricks
Madnesscrazy MC FRB Fly Air Power

Lv. 1: Punch

Lv. 2: Spin Kick

Lv. 3: Dark Scare



Dark Beam

Black Fire

White Lightning


  • The Character is Based of Blud's real-self


I got it!
Madnesscrazy when getting a Dream Gem, Madnesscrazy's Adventure

Argh, Damn it
Madnesscrazy When Defeated

Madnesscrazy when falling into a hole, Madnesscrazy's Adventure

Bring it On!
Madnesscrazy when entering Battle, AKC: Rise of the Sheriff

Madnesscrazy when using his End Attack, AKC: Rise of the Sheriff