Madame Rosalina
Madame Rosalina
The spider crime lord
Full Name Madame Rosalina
Gender Female
Species Spider
Current Status Active
Class Antagonist
Red Ant crimelord, Redworx general
Family and Relations
Professor Z9 (boss)
First Appearance Skip and Sqak 3 (2005)
Madame Rosalina is a recurring antagonist of the Skip and Sqak series. She is a wealthy spider who works as a red ant crime lord and formerly Professor Z9's cohourt. She is also the one responsible for sending Skip to the past. She is shown to have strong hypnotizing powers.

She first appeared as the secondary antagonist of Skip and Sqak 3, and later the main antagonist of Returns.


Rosalina is a dark blue spider with blue hair, yellow eyes, and a spider like body. She wears a red hat with a rose on it, jacket with a black tie and 6 yellow buttons and shoulder pads, black gloves, red trousers held with a black belt, and black high heel boots on each leg.


Rosalina sent an assault on the Samos Jungle to steal the ancient artifacts of the Pasikus. During the assault, Rosalina mistook Queen Aleena's egg as a gem and swipes it from her. She then erases Aleena's memory to prevent her from spreading the word of what has happened. During her research, Rosalina did not notice the egg rolling towards the machine she was working on and opens a portal that sucks it in.

Rosalina tries to get the egg back only to accidentaly destroy it permanantly. Little does she know that the egg went back in time on Sunny Villa island.

Redworx Invasion

Rosalina works as Z9's cohourt and general of the Redworx army. She later fights Skip, Sqak, Croco, Imp, Tubby and Prof X2 only to get defeated by the 6. At the end of the game, she is arrested by the Blue Ants and locked in a prison cell bounded, gagged and blindfolded.

Island-Tizer 2

After X2 failed to destroy Skip, Sqak, Croco and Tubby back at the Pasiku Tower, Secton kicks him out of the operation and replaces him with Rosalina. When the gang arrived at the Island-Tizer 2, Rosalina attacks them in her robot only for the gang to defeat her by making her crash into the Island-Tizer 2's power source causing the whole machine to explode.

X2 manages to save Rosalina from falling to her death, but promises to get even for back stabbing him.


X2 sends Rosalina to a prison as punishment for her failure. When the gang arrived at the prison to get information on X2's and Veger's next move, Rosalina tells them their holding their mind controlled friend Dib at the junkyard. During the credits, Rosalina is shown to have escaped from her cell hinting she'll appear in a future game.