Mad Mad Mario (movie)
Mad Mad Mario
Studio(s) Clover TV
Type Satire
Genre(s) Comedy
Country of Origin United States
Home Edition Release Date(s)
June 25th, 2012
Original Language English
Runtime 45 minutes
Series Mad Mad Mario
Mad Mad Mario is a direct-to-DVD movie by Clover TV. It is based on the Mario series and the flash animation series Mad Mad Mario. It will be released to DVD on June 25th, 2012.


The movie is an episodic TV show. It focuses on the exploits of Mario, who is potrayed as an angry jerk in this episode. In the special features, the reason is he's sick of constantly having to work his butt to save Peach from Bowser, and it's driving him crazy. The series satirizes elements of the Mario games by having Mario flip out and rant about them.


Name Description
Mario MadMadMario2 Mario: An angry, bad-tempered jerk. Originally the hero we knew and love, but he got sick and tired of doing all the work of saving the Mushroom Kingdom every single game. He can throw pretty good insults.
Bowser mad
Even the evil king of Koopas was pretty shocked when he first saw Mario angry. Bowser leads an army of Koopas to kidnap the princess.
Peach 100px-Spp-peach5 Peach is the princess of the Mushroom Kingdom. She is constantly getting kidnapped by the evil Bowser, much to Mario's anger (not because she was kidnapped, but because he has to trot all the way to the castle to get her).


# Name Description
1 Rescuing the Princess Pilot: Mario flips out about how he constantly has to save the princess from Bowser. He even insults Bowser and calls him a fat idiot with no social life. In the end, Mario says this is the last time he's saving Peach and if she gets kidnapped again, she is on her own. The next day, Peach gets kidnapped again and Mario just ignores it and goes to watch TV.
2 Princess is in another Castle Mario flies into a rage about how every time he gets to a castle, the princess in another one. In the end, Mario beats up Toad, and he gives up and goes home.
3 Yoshi's eating habits After seeing a really fat Yoshi on his front yard, Mario unleashes his fury about why Yoshi insists on eating everything he sees. In the end, Yoshi eats Mario and Mario starts yelling and swearing inside Yoshi's stomach.
4 Mushrooms Mario rants about Mushrooms. He likes Mushrooms, but is in a rage about he has to smash his skull on a block to get them, and that a lot of them taste like crap.
5 Luigi Mario gets upset about Luigi, because he is always trying to be like him to be as famous as Mario, which angers Mario. In the end, Luigi gets just as angry as Mario and storms off.
6 Neighborly feud Mario and Sonic the Hedgehog, his equally grumpy neighbor, get in a yelling fight, starting a feud.


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