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Mackenzie (Wilsing)
Full Name Mackenzie
Current Age 11
Date of Birth February ??
Gender Female
Species Evolved Stickfigure
Location Linetown
Class Rival
Main Weapon(s) Boxing Glove
Ability/ies Heavy punch
Vulnerable To Fire
First Appearance Wilsing and Jending: Song and Dance
Mackenzie is a character from the Wilsing series.


Mackenzie is a female Wilsing with pink clothes and a light green head. She has red hair and often has a Mario logo on her shirt.

Game Appearances

Wilsing and Jending: Sing and Dance

After beating Mackenzie in a dance contest, she is playable.


  • Like Bill Y, Mackenzie has a symbol on her shirt.
  • Like Master Coloura, Mackenzie is female, but unlike MC, she is not the main villian, she is a rival.

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