If you're expectin' me to say "kupo", get out a my life, 'cause I ain't sayin' it."

, Nelson's Dungeon

Full Name Mack
Current Age 63
Gender Male
Location Bellen
Current Status Alive
Class Mechanic
Family and Relations
Cynthia (Wife, deceased), Kurin (Son, deceased)
Main Weapon(s) Wrench
Latest Appearance Survivor Fan

Mack, last name unknown, is a major character in Nelson's Dungeon. He is a Moogle from the town of Bellen. He is the first party member in the game.

Journal Entry

"A grumpy old moogle from the town of Bellen, Mack is the renowned inventor of the airship. While kindhearted, he rarely finishes a sentence without one or two swear words thrown in for color."


On the outside, Mack is gruff, calous, and rude, but underneath his fuzzy white exterior lies a heart of gold. He cusses a lot, and is known for his catch phrase, "Dammit Nelson!". Some of his lines even need to be "bleeped out", using symbols such as %,$,@,# and &, similar to Cid Highwind from Final Fantasy VII. He has a great distrust for magic and mages of any color, Black, Red, Blue, or White. He also has a bit of a weakness for drinking.

Nelson's Dungeon II

Mack reappears as a partner in Nelson's Dungeon II, being one of the only two to do so (The other being Niri). In his time, he was working on an expirimental engine, which backfired, thrusting him forward 500 years in time and stranding him there. He searches for a way home, but eventually gives up, sinking into a deep depression, and drinking heavily. When Nelson first finds him, he is stone drunk in a bar in a very slummy part of the city. When Mack flirts with a chick, he almost is killed by her boyfriend, but nelson pulls him out of the fight. He then, still drunk, tells Nelson that he used to have a wife, named Cynthia, who died of a sickness, most likely cancer or something similar. He also had a son named Kurin, who died fighting in the bloody Goblin Wars of Iliana's past. After their deaths, Mack settled into a depression like the one he was in now. But then he realized she wouldn't want him to act that way. After telling Nelson this, he fades off to sleep. When he wakes up, he is shocked to see Nelson, not remembering anything from the night before, as well as having a really bad hangover.

Final Fantasy D.I.Y.

Mack makes a cameo as the host of the tutorial mode.