Learning Machines are key items from the Pokémon series that allow Pokémon to learn new moves and abilities based of their physical characteristics. There are 4 different types of machines; however, half of the types only exist in Pokemon World Online, where they where introduced.

Types of Machines


These types of learning machines teach Pokémon moves. Each one teaches one specific move, and only certain Pokémon can use the numbered Machine. Prior to Generation V, they were one-use only.


These types of learning machines are similiar to Technical Machines, teaching a Pokémon a move. However, moves featuring on HM's typically feature moves that are required to navigate the Pokémon worlds and regions.


These types of learning machines are unique in that they do not all do one thing - instead, each has a special function. One such machine can relearn a move, and one can forget one.


These types of learning machines are the only ones that do not focus on moves, but istead focus on abilities. These machines can teach a Pokémon any ability they can have.

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