• Machine Alliance is an Original IP Series created by SEGA and is a 7 instalment already ending franchise. It is a third person action adventure platformer shooter series with anime influences from works like neon genesis Evangelion and Akira due to the series science fiction theme involving mechs,large killer robots and a group of four teens working together to defeat these mechs and robots and make them good again.


  • Machine Alliance:Dark And Dangerous Days (2003,PS2 and GameCube and Xbox,First title and is rated M which is odd due to the rest of the series being T Rated.
  • Machine Alliance 2:Fate United Us On The Edge Of Victory (2005,PS2 and PC)
  • Machine Alliance 3:Reloaded (2007,PC and PS3)
  • Machine Alliance 4:Verge of Chaos (2009,Xbox 360 and PS3)
  • Machine Alliance 5 (2010,PS3 and Steam)
  • Machine Alliance 6:Chaos Strands (2013,Wii U)
  • Machine Alliance 7 (2016,Wii U,PS4 and PC)
  • Machine Alliance 0:The Salvanian War (2017,PC)

Core Series (Parallel M-Rated Spinoffs that mainly focus on silverwater corp the mysterious security company who tracks the heroes down)

  • Machine Alliance Core Z (2010,PSP and PS3)
  • Machine Alliance Core 2:Berseek Machines! (2012,PC and Xbox 360)
  • Machine Alliance Core 3:Machine Rider (2014,PS3)
  • Machine Alliance Core:Data Hunt (Prequel,2015,PS Vita,Final Instalment)

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