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Final Smash Hyper Mach Rider/MACH Laser

Mach Rider makes his first appearance as a playable character to the Super Smash Bros. franchise in Super 5mash Bros. 5. Mach Rider comes from the Mach Rider franchise. The Mach Rider is an unlockable character that incorporates the use of his Mach Rider bike as well as a set of futuristic weaponry and gadgets. He is quite the unique character that he really brings speed and power altogether perfectly. In addition, many of the weaponry he uses is quite advanced - even in Super Smash Bros. His design was largely been revamped to create a more futuristic atmosphere and to make him appear stronger and more muscular.



The Mach Bike

Mach Rider is unique in that he can use his neutral special to switch between two forms: his Bikeless and his Bike form. His Bikeless form results in hoofing it on foot. This form makes him more defensible with higher jumps as well as a smaller frame while his Bike Form enhances his power and speed but makes him a easier target and heavier. In addition, his Bikeless form gives him more larger hitboxes and up close attacks than the Bike Form. Both forms has a Custom Special Set A and B thus totaling up to 4 Special Sets with three customs for every move. This also reflects not only for his specials but also his standard attacks, aerials, throws, and ledge attacks. It also reflects in his taunts and entrance animations.

Players who main Mach Rider must know how to successfully switch between the two forms and utilize it well as switching does require some charging time. Mach Rider has a high skill level and learning curve thanks to this mechanic. In terms of power, Mach Rider unleashes all of it with gunfire, explosives, and electrical attacks as well as highly technological gadgets such as anti-gravity grenades and an ability that allows him to condense himself into energy and phases in and out.


Move Set

Name Damage Description
Neutral Attack (Bikeless) Dystopian Future 5%, 3%, 7% Mach Rider punches with one fit, then another fist, and then pulls out his Electric Rod and charges it. It creates an electrical sound before slashing forward; stunning the opponent. It doesn't launch players but does high players with long hitstun.
Neutral Attack (Bike) Gunfire 4% Fires a single round of ammo that has good range but does less knockback. Can be spammed.
Forward Tilt (Bikeless) Emperor Gauntlet 8% Slams the back of his wrist into the opponent; does high knockback for a tilt.
Forward Tilt (Bike) Upheaval 10%, 4% Mach Rider takes his bike and slightly lifts it which knocks the opponent upwards. It also does damage when it lands; knocking opponents horizontally.
Up Tilt (Bikeless) Wrist Blast 8% (clean), 5% (late) Aims upwards and firsts a blast from his wrist which causes an explosion. It has limited range despite being a blast and has average knockback. Has slight ending lag.
Up Tilt (Bike) Bunny Hop 7% Mach Rider hoists his bike up and performs a small hop that knocks opponents upwards. Has a wide hitbox and is rather quick.
Down Tilt (Bikeless) Launcher 6% Uses both hands up swing upwards which knocks opponents up. A great KO move for opponents with high damage percentages but suffers from slight ending lag.
Down Tilt (Bike) Pogo 12% Balances on one wheel and jumps up; damaging anyone nearby and launches them. Powerful but suffers from start up and ending lag due to the nature of the attack.
Dash Attack (Bikeless) Shoulder Bash 14% Slams his shoulder into the opponent. He is unique as it has a type of kinetic energy that allows him to pass through opponents, damaging them, and then launches after passing past them.
Dash Attack (Bike) Wheelie 3% (push back) Mach Rider performs a wheelie while dashing. The attack is unique as it pushes opponents backwards and can damage opponents It is one of the longest dash attacks in terms of duration.
Forward Smash (Bikeless) Rocket Boot 18% (charged), 12% (uncharged) Mach Rider performs a forward kick and charges power in his foot. Upon release, he slams his foot forward causing fire to shoot out from it; dealing damage and high knockback. It is a reliable Smash attack.
Forward Smash (Bike) MACH Burst 15% (charged), 10% (uncharged) Mach Rider releases a fire burst from the Mach Bike that shoots forward slightly. It has good reach but does sub-par knockback.
Up Smash (Bikeless) Shock Core 2.5% (charged loop), 1.5% (uncharged loop) Mach Rider throws up an metallic object slightly above him. The move knocks the opponent up without any damage. The metallic object then opens up and creates an electrical field that shocks the opponent. Charging it causes it to last longer though Mach Rider is unable to move at that time.
Up Smash (Bike) Reverse Wheelie 20% (charged), 15% (uncharged) Mach Rider props the bike up on a reverse wheelie and spins around; dealing multiple hits before launching the opponent at the end of the attack. It has great reach as the bike itself is quite long and the entire bike is the hit box meaning it does multiple hits before letting lose.
Down Smash (Bikeless) Pulse Blast 18% (charged), 14% (uncharged) Mach Rider releases a Pulse Blast that first sweeps in front of him then in back of him. When it makes contact with an opponent, it electrocutes them and then launches them into the air for high damage. It is a very reliable killing attack.
Down Smash (Bike) MACH Whirlwind 22% (charged), 18% (uncharged) Mach Rider spins while on the back; expelling flames from the exhaust as he spins. If the first hit connects, it carries the opponent into the next hit followed by vertical knockback that launches the opponent upwards.
Neutral Aerial (Bikeless) Aerial Baton 13% Mach Rider charges his electrical baton and slashes forward; shocking opponents in midair and then launching horizontally. It takes a few seconds to charge up so it has slight lag to the attack upon landing.
Neutral Aerial (Bike) Cycle Spin 2% (per hit) Mach Rider spins the tire causing several hits of damage. Much like the Bikeless Nair, it has landing lag if short-hopped. The last hit does knockback while prior hits deal
Forward Aerial (Bikeless) Boot Jetser 14% (sweetspot), 8% (sourspot) Mach Rider uses both feet and kicks sideways while ejecting jets from the boots. They deal high damage if it connects right when the jets come out but sourspot before or after it. It can be short hopped and has good reach.
Forward Aerial (Bike) Cycle Slam 15% Mach Rider takes the cycle and heaves it downwards; causing the front portion to slam down onto the opponent. It can meteor the opponent if they are directly below and get hit by the front of the bike.
Back Aerial (Bikeless) Wrist Shock 5% Mach Rider reaches back and thrusts its hand out, shocking the opponent. After the shock, they enter into a free fall state for several seconds. The attack does low damage and zero knockback but has the added benefit of shocking the opponent.
Back Aerial (Bike) Exhaust Blast 14% Mach Rider expels an explosive exhaust blast that does damage and knocks opponents backwards. It has a good blast radius and is able to catch opponents on fire as well. It has good reach in addition.
Up Aerial (Bikeless) Aerial Mine 10% Mach Rider uses his gun to fire a floating mine in the air. It will detonate after 15 seconds after being fired or when it makes contact with another solid object. Once it makes contact, it will detonate and knock the opponent high into the air.
Up Aerial (Bike) Backflip 5%, 3%, 4% Mach Rider performs a back flip with the Mach Bike. It does three hits and does 12% damage if all of the hits connect. It has severe landing lag if short-hopped and really flourishes when performed as high as possible. The attack launches opponents vertical and slightly propels Mach Rider into the air.
Down Aerial (Bikeless) Knee Blast 14% (clean), 10% (late) Mach Rider brings both knees up and fires a blast from them which launches opponents downwards. It is a meteor if the attack is a clean hit. It has a nice blast radius though outer hits are considered a late hit.
Down Aerial (Bike) Impact 8% (descent), 10% (impact) Mach Rider descends downwards quickly, slamming his Mach Rider into the ground and either launching anyone directly underneath upwards or horizontally for those on the side. It can suicide Mach Rider if performed above the edge at low enough level.
Grab (Bikeless) --- --- Mach Rider throws a blue sphere forward and when it latches onto the opponent, it forces them into his grasp. A slightly long grab but very reliable as it can grab at any portion of the animation.
Grab (Bike) --- --- Much like the Bikeless grab but fires a tractor beam that forces the opponent to the bike. The opponent is washed in a blue glow while in this tractor beam.
Pummel (Bikeless) Shock Therapy 3% Uses the spheres energy to shock the opponent. Does high damage though it is slightly longer than the Bike version.
Pummel (Bike) Machine Gun 1% Does small amounts of damage but a very quick pummel that can be spammed quite easily.
Forward Throw (Bikeless) Warp Grenade 8% Forces a grenade onto the opponent which warps the opponent away. They will appear several Bowser bodies away from Mach Rider from the warp and explode; dealing damage to the opponent and launching them upwards.
Forward Throw (Bike) MACH Driver 3%, 3%, 5% Drives forward with he opponent in front, dealing three hits of damage and then launching them into the air. The attack propels Mach Rider forward as well.
Back Throw (Bikeless) Slam & Blast 3%, 6% Swings the opponent backwards, slams the opponent into the ground, and fires at them with the wrist rocket which blasts them away. A slow throw that while strong is fairly unreliable.
Back Throw (Bike) Back Cycle Death 7% Mach Rider throws the opponent onto the ground and the Mach Bike's back tire spins on the opponent for several hits before ejecting them backwards with knockback.
Up Throw (Bikeless) Anti-Gravity Launch 5% A weak throw that does very little damage but has high knockback that corresponds to the damage percentage. Mach Rider reverses the gravity sphere causing the opponent to soar into the air before coming back down. It has one of the highest throws for an U-throw.
Up Throw (Bike) Harbinger 3%, 5% Mach Rider throws the opponent upwards and tilts the Mach Bike and fires a missile which hits the opponent in mid-air. It is capable of also damaging nearby opponents for 5% damage.
Down Throw (Bikeless) Phase Out 7% Mach Rider opens up a portal on the ground and throws the opponent in. It does several hits of damage and then launches the opponent upwards with slightly below average knockback.
Down Throw (Bike) The Collapse 10% The Mach Bike throws the opponent onto the ground, lifts off into the air, and hovers for a few seconds, and then drops down; spiking the opponents upwards. It is a long throw that leaves Mach Rider vulnerable. Best suited for 1 on 1 matches.
Floor Attack (front/back) (Bikeless) Revenge 3%, 3% Mach Rider quickly charges his Electric Baton and slashes forward once and then backwards once. It is a slower floor attack but hits well. It will slightly shock the opponent and then launch them.
Floor Attack (front/back) (Bike) Engine Rev 4%, 4% Mach Rider charges the engine with creates a sphere that attacks on both sides at once; launching nearby opponents.
Floor Attack (trip) (Bikeless) Justice Knee 4% Mach Rider rises up and knees slightly upwards It will knock the opponents away with sub-par knockback.
Floor Attack (trip) (Bike) Spinning Wheelie 1.3% (per hit) Mach Rider hoists the Mach Bike upwards and causes the front tire to do multiple hits of damage. It can do up to 4 hits.
Edge Attack (Bikeless) Phase Detonation 8% Mach Rider pulls himself up over the ledge and dashes forward while becoming a stream of energy. After he passes through, the opponent is launched up by an explosion.
Edge Attack (Bike) Reverse Wheelie Drive 4%, 4%, 2%. 2%, Mach Rider pulls himself and the bike over the ledge and drives forward on a reverse wheelie, hitting the opponent with the front of the bike and pushing them forward while dealing damage.


Special Custom Set A (Bikeless)

Name Damage Description
Neutral Special Mach Bike 0% Mach Rider summons his Mach Bike which forms around him, It takes about four seconds to summon it and Mach Rider is vulnerable at this time. The player must hold down the special button the entire four seconds for the bike to be summoned.
Custom 1 Mach Booster 14% (start up), 13% (after) It takes six seconds to summon but once summoned, it propels Mach Rider forward which allows him to slam into his opponent; dealing high damage. However, he will stop once he hits the opponent and enters into a helpless state.
Custom 2 Hyper Mach 0% It only takes two seconds to summon the Mach Bike but he is more suspectable to knockback and damage at this time.
Side Special Tag Target 3% Mach Rider uses his futuristic gun to "tag" the opponent using a laser. Once this tag is complete, he can fire shots using the side special input command that home onto the tag signature. The shots have great control and will hit the target unless they reach a certain distance, hit another opponent, obstacle or item, and connect with a stronger attack.
Custom 1 Explosive Tag 12% Instead of firing shots, Mach Rider fires an explosive charge that is slow and not good at homing into the opponent but does higher damage with more knockback.
Custom 2 Cyro Tag 6% It is slower than the default but the taging portion connects easier. The shots fires have a chance of freezing the opponent; knocking them upwards. They are slower than the default but not as slow as the Custom 1.
Up Special Nova Warp 1% (loop) Mach Rider uses his technology to become a blur of blue light and warps some distance away. The warping in is fairly quick compared to characters such as Zelda and the direction the player tilts the control stick influences where he warps to. However, it has a more rigid line of travel and cannot change directions in mid warp. The attack will only do damage when Mach Rider initiates the warp resulting in pulling the opponents in and dealing damage as he progresses forward.
Custom 1 Nova Bomb 8% Instead of pulling in opponents, Mach Rider causes an explosion of light that launches opponents after coming out of the warp. Incidentally, it travels less further but has more control in mid-warp.
Custom 2 Nova Blink 5%, 8% Mach Rider warps twice during this attack. Inputting the attack does a warp straight upwards. Pressing the special button plus a control stick tilt causes Mach Rider to then warp to that location. It does damage and knockback when he comes in contact with an opponent but doesn't pull in opponents. If the player fails to input the second warp, he simply reaches the end of the warp and falls back to the ground.
Down Special Gravity Bomb 2.5% (loop) Mach Rider throws out a blue ball that explodes; pulling in opponents into a blue energy ball that slowly travels forward. Upon sucking in opponents, it does loop damage as it travels forward; finally launching opponents after it implodes.
Custom 1 Anti-Gravity Bomb 0% Instead of dealing damage when it pulls opponents it, it holds them in a helpless state and then throws them upwards. It has a longer life than the default but travels further at a higher rate. Struggling reduces the effects.
Custom 2 Black Hole Bomb 1.3% (loop), 10% (explosion) Mach Rider throws out a bomb that will suck in opponents, cause them to vanish, and then explodes; launching them into the air. The attack only does damage if it sucks in opponents.

Special Custom Set A (Bike)

Name Damage Description
Neutral Special Disengage 0% Much like the move "Mach Bike", Mach Rider must hold down the special button for 4 seconds to deactivate the bike which results in Mach Rider having to go on foot. It functions just like the
Custom 1 Defense Matrix 8% Much like Mach Booster but instead of blasting forward, the Mach Rider causes an explosion around him which knocks opponents away from Mach Rider. It also slightly boosts him into the air.
Custom 2 Quick Disengage 0% Behaves much like !Hyper Mach" but reversed obviously.
Side Special MACH Missile 12% (clean), 6% (late), 4% (clean), 2% (late) (split off) The Mach Bike fires a missile that will explode upon contact. Pressing the special button causes the missile to split into 3 missiles that each do damage. Not pressing the special button causes it to do the entire damage. When the split off, one missile goes upwards, one goes straight, and the second goes downward.
Custom 1 Arching MACH Missile 12% (clean), 6% (late), 4% (clean), 2% (late) (split off) It does the same amount of damage but the player does have to press the special button. It fires high into the air and, at a certain height, will split upward and rain does three missiles to the ground; dealing damage. It lasts longer and is more deceptive.
Custom 2 Delayed MACH Missile 12% (clean), 6% (late), 4% (clean), 2% (late) (split off) When it makes contact with an opponent or obstacle, it releases three bombs that shoot up into the air and then come back down; dealing damage. It does the same amount of damage as the default but behaves very differently.
Up Special Mach Hover 0% Mach Rider can hover in the air by holding down the special button. It will slowly lose fuel though and running entirely out of fuel causes a slow cool down period. The hovering portion has slight super armor but attacks can put Mach Rider into a helpless state if he has too much damage.
Custom 1 Meteoring Mach Hover 8% During the attack, it will sometimes ejct a burst of fire that can meteor opponents below Mach Rider. It has less recovery distance than the default as a result.
Custom 2 Hyper Mach Hover 0% It is much faster with extended recovery distance but harder to control while in the air.
Down Special EMP Pulse 0% The Mach Bike releases an EMP Pulse that, while doesn't deal damage, shuts down opponents nearby and puts them into a daze. It is also capable of destroying shields that are at 50%. It has a good range and forms a dome around Mach Rider upon start up. It can also be used to shut down weaker projectiles and cause them to vanish prematurely. It has a longer cooldown period.
Custom 1 EMP Wave 0% Instead of creating a dome around Mach Rider's bike, it releases a wave that flows forward; shutting down opponents and draining shields. It can extend almost half the size of Final Destination but the further it travels, the less effect it has.
Custom 2 EMP Sphere 0% Holding down the special button causes the EMP Sphere to be erected. It functions much like the default but is slower gets smaller and weaker over time.

Special Custom Set B (Bikeless)

Name Damage Description
Neutral Special Mach Bike 0% Mach Rider summons his Mach Bike which forms around him, It takes about four seconds to summon it and Mach Rider is vulnerable at this time. The player must hold down the special button the entire four seconds for the bike to be summoned.
Custom 1 Mach Booster 14% (start up), 13% (after) It takes six seconds to summon but once summoned, it propels Mach Rider forward which allows him to slam into his opponent; dealing high damage. However, he will stop once he hits the opponent and enters into a helpless state.
Custom 2 Hyper Mach 0% It only takes two seconds to summon the Mach Bike but he is more suspectable to knockback and damage at this time.
Side Special Devastating Fist 18% (clean), 12% (late) Mach Rider uses the jet propulsion on his suit to lift him forward into the air and uses his energy to slam down to the ground; slamming his fist which causes and explosion of energy and sending anyone nearby into the air with high damage. It suffers from both start up and ending lag but has super armor during the travel portion as well as the descent and impact. He goes into a helpless state if performed over the ledge.
Custom 1 Celestial Fist 22% (clean), 15% (late) Instead of of moving forward, Mach Rider simply jumps straight into the air, pauses, and then slams down into the ground; dealing higher damage and knockback.
Custom 2 Impacting Fist 12% (clean), 6% (late) It doesn't produce an energy explosion but the attack propels Mach Rider further forward and can easily jump over half the distance of Final Destination. The attack does less damage but is quicker and doesn't suffer from lag.
Up Special MACH Detonator 12% (ground), 6% (air) Mach Rider jumps into the air while hovering slightly and fires off a explosion does create an energy blast. The attack will propel him opposite of where he fired it. The energy blast will travel forward before detonating. The attack doesn't have good control but does high damage; especially when it makes contact with the ground.
Custom 1 MACH Bomber 16% (ground), 10% (air) Inputting the command allows Mach Rider to hover in the air for an extended period of time. During this time, the player can influence where Mach Rider is to go by tilting the control stick. Releasing it causes Mach Rider to throw this energy blast downwards which propels him further upwards. It does high damage if it connects to the ground.
Custom 2 MACH Disruptor 2% (three hits) It does less damage but it has more extended reach. Mach Rider hovers slightly in the air fires off three energy blasts that angle downwards. Each one pushes him slightly up and backwards. The attacks do not have much damage but they deal above average hitstun compared to other attacks.
Down Special Hover Grenade 0% Mach Rider throws out a grenade which, upon impact, causes the opponent to be thrown into the air slowly as if in slow motion. Mach Rider can hold down the special button to cook the grenade. Holding it causes it to be thrown a longer distance and doesn't effect the timer.
Custom 1 Chainshock Grenade 8% (-2% every chain) Mach Rider throws a grenade that explodes with electricity. It will shock the closest opponent and that shock can jump off him or her and hit another opponent for less damage. In order for the grenade to connect, it must land right near the opponent. It has a small blast radius.
Custom 2 Flashbang Grenade 4% It does small damage and no knockback but will daze the opponent it explodes next to. It is also good at draining shields and weakening them.

Special Custom Set B (Bike)

Name Damage Description
Neutral Special Disengage 0% Much like the move "Mach Bike", Mach Rider must hold down the special button for 4 seconds to deactivate the bike which results in Mach Rider having to go on foot. It functions just like the
Custom 1 Defense Matrix 8% Much like Mach Booster but instead of blasting forward, the Mach Rider causes an explosion around him which knocks opponents away from Mach Rider. It also slightly boosts him into the air.
Custom 2 Quick Disengage 0% Behaves much like !Hyper Mach" but reversed obviously.
Side Special Machine Gun 2% The Mach Bike fires a steady stream of machine gun bullets that due little damage and almost zero knockback but deals hitstun. It can deal punishment to lower percentage fighters but higher percentage fighters are thrown slightly up and can get out of the volley. The machine gun decreases in speed and number of hits the longer it is held. Mach Rider can move while performing this attack and change directions but is unable to jump during it.
Custom 1 Explosive Rounds 4% Deals more damage and knockback but drastically slower and shorter range. The explosive rounds have a slight blast radius when they make contact. Mach Rider is also visibly slower when firing these rounds.
Custom 2 Phase Rounds 1% It do zero knockback and hitstun but do deal damage. They will pass past opponents and can hit opponents behind them. They travel further than the default and the custom 1.
Up Special Kinetic Cycle 8% (hit front), 2% (per hit back) The Mach Rides wheels burn with a kinetic energy and launches Mach Rider forward at an ascending angle. The front wheel does more damage and will launch opponents upon contact while the back tire will trap opponents and do loop damage until they escape. It has good horizontal recovery distance.
Custom 1 Static Cycle 1.5% (loop), 8% (landing) The wheels can trap an opponent underneath them upon contact and deals damage as the bike progresses forward. If the opponent is still underneath upon landing, it does high damage and spikes the opponent upwards.
Custom 2 Warding Cycle 0% The kinetic waves pushes opponents away as it moves forward. It has more recovery distance than the default.
Down Special Burnout 2% (loop), 4% (final) Mach Rider causes the Mach Bike to spin in a circle while being ignited with fire; dealing multiple hits to those trapped within the attack. It also causes a burning effect as the opponent is trapped inside. The attack finally then launches the opponent. Mach Rider can slightly influence the movement of the spinning by tilting the control stick to the right or the left.
Custom 1 Cyrospin .8% (loop), 6% (launch) The attack is slower but has a longer duration of time. It will catch opponents and deal damage before throwing them up into the air. It has a high chance of freezing the opponent.
Custom 2 Voltout 1% (loop), 8% (launch) It is faster with less duration of time but deals more damage. It also delivers more hitstun and can pull in opponents. The attack then launches an electrical blast that launches opponents upwards.

Final Smash

Name Damage Description
Final Smash 1 Hyper Mach Rider Varies Mach Rider unlocks the power stored within his armor which causes of his attacks to have more damage and more knockback. In addition, all of his projectiles have further reach and will travel the length of the stage. Any explosions have 20% more radius added to them making it very powerful. In addition, he can switch between being on the bike or walking on foot without holding down the special button. Aside from a power increase, he cannot be launched but he can be damaged. His speed also increases as well as the jump height.
Final Smash 2 MACH Laser 2.3% (loop), 5% (launch) Mach Rider fires a powerful laser that travels the length of stage. It has a vacuum effect that can pull in opponents who are nearby. Once it connects, it applies loop damage until the end of the Final Smash which launches opponents. Mach Rider can slightly alter the trajectory of the laser by tilting the control stick up or down.


Italics means they have to be unlocked.


  • Mach Rider presses a button on his wrist with shows a holographic map that is reminiscent of the racing portion of Mach Rider. (Up)
  • Mach Rider stabs up straight and places his hand on the back of his neck while slightly tilting it..(Right)
  • Presses the side of his helmet which causes the visor to flash slightly. (Left)
  • Makes the sign of a gun and points it forward. (Down)


  • Mach Rider revs the engines and spins the tires without moving. Smoke rises up from the tires.(Up)
  • Mach Rider sits up on the bike and gives a thumbs up sign towards the camera. (Right)
  • Mach Rider pops up a wheelie and then sets the bike back down. (Left)
  • Mach Rider engages the Machine Guns which causes it to open up from the bike. He then closes it back up. (Down)

Character Selection Screen

  • Mach Rider pumps up his fist while sitting on the Mach Bike.
  • Mach Rider spins his tires which causes a zipping sound.
  • Mach Rider gives a thumbs up sign.

On Screen Appearance

  • Mach Rider comes off from the left on the Mach Rider, lands and skids forward slightly and then stopping. If the Bikeless option was chosen on the character select screen, he will jump off the bike and it will vanish.
  • Somersaults in, crouches, and looks both ways before standing up. If the Bike option was chosen on the character select screen, he will summon the bike after rolling in.
  • Appears onto the stage as if he has crashed in the original Mach Rider games. If the Bikeless option was chosen, he will appear standing. Of the Bike option was chosen, he will appear on the Mach Bike..

Victory Animations

  • Mach Rider jumps off the Mach Bike and gives a thumbs up.
  • Mach Rider jumps onto the Mach Bike and revs the engine while

facing the camera.

  • Mach Rider fires several shots high into the air back and forth.
    • Mach Rider performs a pose similar to the ending pose from 'Mach Rider"
  • Mach Rider takes out the blue sphere and opens it with shows a holographic image of the retro Mach Bike.
  • Slashes forward with the electric baton several times before pointing it upwards.

Fan Cheer


Losing Animation

  • Mach Rider has his back turned to the camera and looks to the side while slowly clapping.
  • Sparks are flying from his suit as he breathes heavily.
  • Mach Rider is a swirling mixture of pixels and dots. This is based off from colliding with an obstacle in the Mach Rider games.

Victory Fanfare

A flourished remix of the "You are the MACH RIDER!" from Mach Rider.

Fighting Stance

'Bikeless Mach Rider is slightly bent over while facing the camera with both hands held out but at the ready. He slightly bobs up and down.

Bike Mach Rider is bent crouched forward on the bike, grabbing it by th ehandle bars with a "ready" position.

Idle Poses


  • Mach Rider stands up and looks to the opposite side and then goes back to his fighting pose.
  • Clenches his right hand several times.
  • Raises up a fist forward and shakes slightly and then resumes his fighting position.
  • Stands up and chest with causes a light to flash quickly.


  • Mach Rider presses a finger to his helmet quickly.
  • Mach Rider taps the handles with his fingers quickly.
  • Mach Rider quickly revs his engine without making noise.
  • Mach Rider sits up on the motorcycle and stretches quickly.

Misc Animations


Bikeless Mach Rider enters into a squatting position with both arms resting on his bent knees. His chest faces the camera and his head faces forward. Bike Tilts the Mach Bike to the ground slightly toward or away from the camera and crouches low; peering ahead over the bike.


Bikeless Mach Rider jumps upwards with a slight jet propulsion coming from his back. Bike Heaves the bike upwards and has a sense of weight to it when heaving it up. Again, jet propulsion helps with the bikes lift.


Bikeless Mach Rider converts himself into energy and dashes forward. Bike Does a full sliding spine before returning back to normal.

Ground Dodge

Bikeless Mach Rider converts himself into energy and vanishes leaving only a blueish light and then reappears. Bike Tilts his bike and himself away from the camera low to the ground.

Air Dodge

Bikeless Mach Rider converts himself into energy and vanishes leaving only a blueish light and then reappears. Bike Spins while on the bike for a quick full rotation.


Bikeless Mach Rider walks forward cautiously by sliding his feet. A rather slow walk. Bike Slow Walk: Pushes the bike forward using his feet. Normal Walk: Moves forward with a slight jolt at the first animation.


Bikeless Uses jet propulsion to boost himself forward while running full force. Bike Much like the Bikeless but suddenly dashes forward with surprising velocity.


Bikeless Sitting on the ground and slumped over his chest. A "Zzz" is seen on his visor. Bike Rests his elbows on the bike as the bike teeters back and forth on the wheels. A "Zzz" is seen on his visor.


Bikeless Mach Rider slips and falls on his butt. A "?" is seen on his visor. Bike Mach Rider slips and falls on top of his bike as it falls over sideways and lands on his butt. A "?" is seen on his visor.


Bikeless Balances on one foot while waving his hands to gain balance. A "!" is seen on the visor. Bike Balances on the side on a reverse wheelie and trying to balance the bike using his arms. Th eMach Bike bobs up and down on the front wheel. A "!" is seen on the visor.


Bikeless Grabs the ledge with one hand. Bike Same as the Bikeless form but holds the bike with his two legs; grasping the bike in the mid-section.

Home-Run Bat

Bikeless Swings forward using both hands. Bike Sits up in his seat, leans forward, and swings with the home-run bat. It has a slightly higher elevation than most

Star KO

Goes "VROOOOOOOOOOOM!" with an added tire squealing sound prior to the star portion and then a crashing/collision sound with glass breaking at the star portion.

Screen KO

Falls into the screen without the bike and crashes with his back to us and his head turned to the side. There is an "X" on his visor. He then dissipates into pixels and dots much like his collision animation in the original Mach Rider games.


Mach Rider's trophies can be earned by completing Classic Mode, Adventure Mode, All-Star Mode, and Boss Battle mode. In addition, further trophies can be found during matches and at the Trophy Shop.

Mach Rider

Unlock: Classic Mode

Mach Rider (Alt)

Unlock: Adventure Mode


Mach Rider (Alt)

Unlock: Adventure Mode


Retro Mach

Unlock: Boss Battle


Melee Mach

Unlock: Boss Battle


Mach Rider (Burnout)

Unlock: Complete a Character Challenge


Mach Rider (Devastating Fist)

Unlock: Complete a character challenge


Mach Rider (Black)

Unlock: Complete a character challenge

Mach Rider (Orange)

Unlock: Complete a character challenge

Mach Rider (Down)


Unlock: Match or Trophy Shop

Excitebike Mach

Unlock: Complete a Mach Rider Character Challenge

Hyper Mach Rider

Unlock: All Star Mode

MACH Laser

Unlock: All Star Mode

Alternate Costumes

Machrideraltcostumes1 Machbikeraltcostumes1

Color Title Color Notes Status
Blue Blue Default outfit loosely based on the Mach Rider's original outfit. Bike stripes is blue. Starter
Yellow Yellow The bike has yellow stripes. Starter
Green Green Resembles the Green enemies from Mach Rider. The bike has green stripes. Starter
Purple Purple Bike stripes are purple. Starter
Red Red Resembles the box art for Mach Rider as well as the coloration for Excite Biker. Starter
Black Black Resembles his black outfit from the Mach Rider instruction booklet. Starter
Cyan Cyan Stripes are white and the stripes are cyan. Starter
White White Resembles a Storm Trooper. The stripes are black. Starter
Gray Gray Resembles his Melee model. Starter
Orange Orange Inverse colors. Starter
Retro Mach Blue Model based off on the original version of Mach Rider. Locked
Melee Mach Rider Gray Model based off on the Melee trophy for Mach Rider. Locked
Excitebike Mach Red Model based off the Excite Biker model while riding the Mach Bike. Locked

Reveal Trailer

"In the Year 20XX..."

Time: 2:85 Scene: A barren landscape dotted with ruined skyscrapers and remnants of previous civilization. The sky is red.

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