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Mach 1 is a 3D fighting game inspired by Dragon Ball games and themed around superheroes and supervillains that obtain their abilities from escape military technology. It is noteworthy for its large, open, and very much destructible stages.




A general summary of the game's story most, titled A Terrible Omen, can be found here.


Name Description Special Attacks
Celia Mach1
Célia Ferriera Cruz
Hawk Circle
Go Juice
Hikaru Mach1
Hikaru Hashimoto
One of Japan's finest soldiers, with a massive ego to boot. Hikaru was among the first agents to join O.M.E.N., and quickly rose to the top of the rankings due to how well he managed to use his weaponry of choice - a device that can condense airborne particles enough to create artificial gravity, along with the massive sword that he wields with its assistance. He aspires simply to be the best, regardless of what that means.
Amparo Mach1
Amparo Quintana
Amparo was originally just a humble yet world-renowned bodyguard. But a terrorist organization kidnapped her and surgically fused her with an alien organism (stolen from the government, because of course) with a taste for innocent blood. They escaped, but their antibodies have begun fighting each other for dominance, leading to them requesting aid from O.M.E.N. before their bodies kill each other.
Flavia Mach1
Flavia Dalca-Negrescu
Flavia stole her missile launcher off of the black market for a heist involving an armored car, and didn't realize that she was carrying a weapon that could fire miniature nukes until she accidentally blew up the money, half her allies, and their getaway vehicle with a single shot. Realizing what she had in her hands, she began to think bigger, and plan heists that took advantage of her new heavy artillery.
Sam Mach1
Samantha Outterridge
Not all heroes are completely aware that they're heroes, of course. Exhibit A: Samantha "Sam" Outterridge, a British teen infected with a runaway strand of a virus designed to turn sleepwalking soldiers against their own army. With all the subjects before Sam, the virus was thought to be a failure; when she caught it, though, she developed a habit of sleepwalking into fights with other supers.


Name Description
Rio de Janeiro
A coastal city famous for the giant stone Jesus watching over it. Probably the most dynamic stage to play on, as it combines sun-lit streets, humid forests, hilltop battles at Christ's feet, and even the possibility to duke it out on the water. There's terrain that suits nearly every character's strategy in this area.
New York City
A relatively flat city on the east coast of America. It doesn't have much in the way of wilderness, but its buildings are massive, and the streets are packed. The vertical dynamic of gameplay, as well as destructive stage elements, are heavily emphasized in this concrete jungle.
San Francisco
Though the city is massive and densely populated, battles in San Francisco are mainly focused around the famous Golden Gate Bridge. It's quite a long stage, but not very wide. You can battle in the skies above the bridge, on the bridge itself, or underneath the waters of the Golden Gate strait.
O.M.E.N. Training Station
A holographic room in which O.M.E.N. agents hone their skills in between missions. This stage cycles through randomized city layouts, with each one bringing a different dynamic to the table. In addition, with each reboot, all damage to the previous city is erased. Time your assaults carefully if you wish to triumph!