Mario's Mom
Full Name Unknown
Gender Female
Species Plumber
Current Status Alive
Family and Relations
Mario (Son)

Luigi (Son)
Maria (Nephew)
Luise (Nephew)
Wario (Nephew)
Waluigi (Nephew) Unnamed Husband (Husband

Nationality Italian
Voice Actor(s)
Tara Strong

Ma is a character from the Super Mario series. She is the mother of Mario and Luigi. She is married to Mario and Luigi's unnamed father and is the ruler of the Mushroom Kingdom Plumber Department.


Ma is the mother of Mario and Luigi. She resembles a teenager although she is of adult age. Ma loves going on adventures.


Mario (Son)

Luigi (Son)

Unnamed Husband (Husband)

Maria (Daughter)

Luise (Daughter)

Wario (Nephew)

Waluigi (Nephew in Law)

Peach (Good Friend)

Bowser (Enemies)

Daisy (Good Friend)

Rosalina (Good Friend)

Bowser's Minions (Enemies)


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  • Even though she is the mother of the Mario Bros, she still has a teenage like look.

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