The MSPikachu series is a fan-fiction series written by Spark01 (tbc). It is based on the adventures of MSPikachu and his friends, such as Bufy the Vampire Slayer in a world that has been MSmagicked by MSMilotic.



  • MSPikachu: MSPikachu was originally just a Litle Pikachu but when he was MSmagicked he became MSPikachu.
  • Bufy the Vampire Slayer: Bufy was a vampire slayer who turned into a Wobbufet by the MSMagic. Later on in the series she is a Wooper. This may have been a retcon, or after dying the first time she may have been revived as a Wooper.
  • Darkrai: Darkrai forbids anybody from speaking his name, and enacts punishment for doing so. His MSmagicking of MSMilotic caused her to MSmagic the whole world, including Darkrai. He sometimes disguised as Gramma Grammar
  • MSMilotic: The princess/queen of Milotics who was MSmagicked by Darkrai because she said his name. She then decided that if she had to be MSmagicked, so did everybody else and so she MSmagicked everybody. She attacks with music.
  • Mawile: Mawile is a nice lady who gave tea away to people for free. He is the older brother of Sable Eyes.
  • Sable Eyes: Mawile's younger sister, he killed Mawile for refusing to go to the park with him.
  • Larvitar: A young Larvitar who, after blowing up a bomb decided to kill Darkrai. Then him and his mother died.
  • Cresselia: A Pokemon with the ability to normalmagic Pokemon. She used this ability on MSPikachu but accidentally turned him into a Normal-type.
  • Arceus: A deity, he saved MSPikachu from death when MSMilotic shot him.
  • Sprakachu: Another Pikachu, who fought with MSPikachu when they first met and then they decided to team up.
  • Zoobat: A Zubat who likes to give people cupcakes. He was stabbed by Bufy because she thought he was a sparkly vampire.
  • Elgyeem: An Elgyem from another universe. He is good friends with Bufy.
  • Steve: A Pokemon that can use MCMagic.

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