Developer(s) Mellonpizza
Publisher(s) TBA
Platform(s) TBA
Grand Prix

Time Trials VS Battle Missions

Age Rating(s)
Genre(s) Kart Racing
Media Included TBA


Mario Kart X is a beta design by some guy named Mellonpizza (Me). Since it is a beta, its supposed console is not defined, neither is it official name or design. It is simply to share an idea for a possible Mario Kart game.




Mario Kart X has a huge variety of game modes to play. Double Dash mode from the Gamecube Mario kart will return as an optional mode that varies between engine classes, like karts/bikes in Mario kart Wii; though there are actually no bikes. Kart customization from Mario kart 7 returns, and available parts will differ from standard and Double Dash mode (Referred to as DD throughout the article). A huge kart roster comparable to MKWii's will be present. Many popular battle modes return, wiith an "item swap", like the one in Super smash bros brawl. Missions from Mario kart DS return, many ranging from beginner to expert difficulties. Yes, x


Yoshi Raceway Wiggler's Garden Big Boo Ship Mushroom Mountain1
Moo Moo Valley Mario Circuit1 Dry Dry Temple Rosalina's Dream Land1
Blooper's Bay Toad Carnival Wario Factory Bowser's Castle
Luigi Stadium DK Island Bowser Jr's Airship Fleet1 Rainbow Road1
DS Cheep Cheep Beach 3DS Music Park 3DS Prihana Plant Slide GCN Wario Colosseum
SNES Vanilla Lake 1 GBA Ribbon Road N64 Yoshi Valley GBA Lakeside Park
Wii Toad's Factory DS Tick-Tock Clock Wii Grumble Volcano 3DS Maka Wuhu1
N64 Royal Raceway Wii DK Summit GCN Bowser's Castle N64 Rainbow Road

1 = 1 Lap


There are many new items. Some bad items return as much cooler items.

-! = Can be dragged behind kart

Item Image Description
Banana-! BananaPeel Bananas are slippery skins that can be dropped behind or thrown forward, and stay stationary. When a kart drives into one, it will spin out.
Triple Bananas-! TripleBananaPeels This item is a set of three bananas that act like regular bananas. Pressing [?] will throw them one at a time.
Green Shell-! GreenShell Green shells can be launched forwards or backwards. They will travel in straight lines, and billard off walls. When a kart get hit by one, it will flip over.
Red Shell-! RedShell Red shells wil lock on to the nearest kart ahead of it, and home in quickly. It will flip the kart on impact. Can be evaded, though tough.
Triple Green/Red Shells-! TripleGreenShellsTripleRedShells When activated, three shells will revolve around the kart, being launched one at a time. Each has the same effect as a green or red shell. Can be used defensively.
Mushroom SuperMushroom Mushrooms will provide a short speed boost when used. While boosting, you can go offroad or take shortcuts you normally can't without losing speed.
Triple Mushrooms TripleMushroomsMKC This item provides the user with three mushroom boosts, using each one at a time.
Spiny Shell Spiny Blue Shell This winged wonder will instantly fly to the racer in 1st place when launched, exploding on impact. Karts may flip or spin out if they are within the blast radius.
Super Star Star Super stars will grant temporary invincibility against all items and hazards. You'll knock over any karts you ram into, plus you acceleration and top speed will increase.
Golden Mushroom GoldenMushie This item will allow you to use mushroom boosts and infinite amount of times, but only for a short while.
Bob-omb-! Bob-omb walking Bob-ombs, when dropped behind or thrown, will explode after a few seconds, or when a kart nears. Karts will flip or spin when caught in the blast.
Blooper 600px-Blooper A blooper will spray ink on every kart's screen ahead of you, distorting their view. Any sort of boost will get the ink of quicker than boosting.
Lightning 600px-MKwii Thunderbolt This item will cause lightning bolts to zap every opponent, causing them to shrink, spin out, drop their items, and drive more slowly for a while.
Bullet Bill Bullet Bill Bullet bills automatically fly through the track, knocking over any karts in the way for a short time.
Fire Flower FireFlower Fire flowers will grant you the ability to shoot multiple fireballs at opponents forwards and backwards. Fireballs can burn through weak items and will stun opponents.
Ice Flower Ice Flower NEW ITEM: Ice flowers are used very similar to fire flowers, but you can't shoot them as fast or shoot as many. It ignores any defensive items and will temporarily freeze other karts.
Super Leaf SuperLeaf2 A super leaf allows the player to deflect items and whack other opponents with a tanooki tail. When used underwater, it can be a useful speed boost.
Metal Block BrawlMetalBoxArtwork NEW ITEM: This item will grant the ability to turn into metal! You will drive faster, knock over any kart you run into, and be invulnerable to weaker items. However, acceleration and off-road status is extremely poor, and you can barely hop. Only lasts a short while.
Mega Mushroom Mega Mushroom

Mega mushrooms will cause the kart to grow to a massive size for a while. While in this form, you can flatten other karts, drive offroad, and lightning will just exit this form.

Mini Mushroom NSMBWiiMiniMushroom NEW ITEM: Karts will shrink to a micro size temporarily with this item. Top speed is decreased; however, you can make huge, floaty jumps to dodge items, hazards and other karts. You'll instantly get draft boosts behind karts, but you can easily get flattened.
POW Block-! POWBlock NEW ITEM: When thrown forwards or backwards, POW blocks will cause the ground to shake on impact. Nearby opponents will be stunned and will drop items.
Thunder Cloud THCLOUD NEW ITEM: Thunder clouds will allow the player to shoot a field of electricity with a wide range, shrinking other karts that get in the way. Can only be shot forward.
Kamikaze Shell-! KAMIKAZE NEW ITEM: This spectacular display acts just like a red shell, but hits ALL karts ahead of you. It can't be destroyed by weak items, or thrown backward. Can be used as a shield.
Poison Mushroom Poison Mushroom SM3DW NEW ITEM: Poison mushrooms will slowly snake towards opponents. If a kart touches one, They will drive as if offroad for a short while. They dissapear after a while, and can only be dropped from behind.
Lucky 7-! Lucky7

A lucky 7 will give the player 7 random items that surrond the kart that all can be used. NOTE: Items are fixed so that a bob-omb won't destroy them, but other players can be affected by touching another's lucky 7 items.

P-Switch P NEW ITEM: P-switches, when activated, turn all uncollected coins into brick blocks for a short while. Bricks can be destroyed with most items.