Onnete prison;2012:I used the bar breaker and quitley rescued my friends jeff said i told you you could do it,puala said thanks Ness and held my hand tightly, Poo said that heroisim is stronger than complaint and that i had heroisim inside of me.Onette exit/Eagleland entrance;2012:I sugessted that since we are free from the cops lets check out the crime scene!so we went all over eagle land searching for clues I searched where the meteor was Paula searched the flower feild,Jeff searched in the back of Onette Town,Poo searched everey where!Unfortunatley we only found one clue and it said:"So,You made it this far Ness,too bad you will never see your life the same way again,if you want to deafet me i'd love to see you try and fail,You and your friends have 10 days to prepare for the second worldwide ambush.Onette today,TOMMOROW THE WORLD!!". That clue was all i needed to discover who it was that caused me to get to jail as well as my friends either giygas returned again,or Porky Minch is gonna kill us all.Either of which it isnt good at all! especialley if yonly have 10 days to prepare...

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