eagleland 2012:It was stormy and i was asleep until i heard sirens and fires and cracked floors. while my lazy butt was way to lazy to get out of bed,i took slow steps realizing that everything looked like september 11th reapeting itself then after a couple of minutes a cop told me to turn around and that i was the main suspect of all the troubles going on.Then i asked the police what the hell he was talking about.he showed me photos of all the troubles being caused by me blasting people with ufos and using spikes to cuase rumbling forming cracks on the ground and using lazers to cause fires andcontrol the earth as if i owned it.But what i noticed that it looked more like a knitted costume rather than mwase my first guess wasa that giygas recreated his own body and then entered my body feeling unconcius but i realised that would make no sence since i killed giygas,twice.But the cop took me straight to jail(pretty akward since kids my age get a warning first then they go to jail soon if they do it again)and told me i'd be stuck here for three years but i seen faces that look familier i took a closer look and i discovered that my bestest friends Paula Jeff and Poo were sent to jail!I thought to my self "Now this got from akward to strange and then now it is getting creepy. then jeff told me that you are invincible and you can escape easilly cause you killed giygas two times in less then a year but then i told him that it is impossible cause the cell is made of pure iron and giygas is a different story.And so now i will probably be here forever!!!!!But then a cop sneaked up on me and gave me something,he told me get i was confused as heck then he gave me a bar breaker, but i thought it was a knife and the cop wanted me to kill him to stay here longer then he said in a louder voice."WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR,GET YOU AND YOUR STUPID FRIENDS OUT OF HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

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