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MOTHER: Tales from Eagleland

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MOTHER: Tales from Eagleland
Developer(s) Locked Gaming
Publisher(s) Nintendo
Platform(s) Nintendo Silver
Genre(s) Role-playing game.
Release Date(s)
1 player.
16 players.
Age Rating(s)

MOTHER: Tales from Eagleland is a role-playing game released for the Nintendo Silver. It is a spin-off of the MOTHER series and it retells the events of the first three games. The game mainly takes place in Eagleland, but other locations from the three MOTHER games also appears. The game features a pretty big character creation and the player can also design the partners.

Some characters from the previous games appears as cameos or non-playable characters.


The game itself has no plot, but it is mentioned that the whole game is actually a virtual game that retells the events of Giygas' attack in the first and second games and the Pigmask invasion from the third game.


The gameplay in MOTHER: Tales from Eagleland isn't much different from the mainstream titles of the series. The overworld is big and enemies are shown in the overworld and the player can fight them or completely pass them. On the overworld, players may find items hidden in trash cans or presents. While battling, the game is shown different but pretty much plays the same, from a third person point of view, the players see the characters on their team and the enemy. The player's stats are shown on the Silver's gamepad and the enemy is shown in the front of enemies. The options are: Attack, Defend, PSI or Flee. Attack, the player uses the character's current weapon to attack the enemy, Defend, the player take less damage if the enemy attacks the player, PSI uses the player's characters PSI abilities if they have any of them and Flee, well, makes you flee from battles.

The main feature of MOTHER: Tales from Eagleland is the multiplayer. Using the Nintendo Silver Wi-Fi Connection, the players can help each other in a server with support to 16 players. The players can share items, characters, abilities and help in battles and puzzles.




PSI Abilities





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