Mega Man Meets Kirby Issue 1 takes place in Guts Man stage and was released in January 2008. It started the first adventure in the series where the two meet.


Years ago, Dr. Light created the helpful robot, Mega. Along with Roll, Cut Man, Guts Man, Ice Man, Bomb Man, Fire Man, Elec Man, Time Man and Oil Man to protect the world. But one day, Dr. Wily steal the robots (except for Mega and Roll) and reprogramed them against Light. Soon Mega was given a powerful weapon system and was soon recalled Mega Man to get back his friends and reprogram them back with him.

But what he doesn't know that from a planet in the distance, another hero by the name of Kirby was up against King Dedede who stole all the food in Dream Land and needs to get it back. After defeating Whispy Woods, Kirby was shot to Earth and land in a constuction site. Suddenly, a huge robot showed up behind Kirby. It was Guts Man! He pick up a rock and aimed it at Kirby, but he missed as Kirby jumped. And their battle began.

Mega Man reached the same area but in a different location. He sees an explosion in the distance. He thinks of the worse, Guts Man is fighting another robot! Back with the two, Guts Man punches Kirby really hard leaving him with one health peice left. But just when Guts Man was about to end him, Mega Man steped in and attack. He sees Kirby and gives him a large engery, refilling all his health. The two battled Guts Man and win! Kirby soon sees that Guts Man needs reparing.

The two returned to Dr. Light's lab to repair Guts Man. Dr. Light and Mega Man never saw anyone like Kirby. But Roll explains about Kirby to them that he is a crime fighting puffball who's after King Dedede for stealing Dream Land's food. Mega Man explains about Dr. Wily's plan to Kirby and asks Kirby to help him. Kirby agrees to help him and they shake hands. At that point, the comic ends, to be cotinued in the next issue.

Main Events

  • Kirby lands on Earth.
  • Mega Man and Kirby meet.
  • Mega Man and Kirby defeat Guts Man and recieved the Super Arm.

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