MKTV is a fictional television company in the Mushroom Kingdom it is run by Madam E. and they produce many reality television shows such as Survivor: Mushroom Kingdom, Mushroom Idol and Mushroom Kingdom's Next Top Model. They are the ones that create the MKTV (Series) and have a slide in the opening sequence as though they were a real company. There are secret clips with the company throughout their games which usually include Madam E. throwing things at her staff.

Shows Produced

Reality - Competition

Reality - Observation

  • The Princess Diaries - A hard look at life as a Princess. Starring: Peach, Daisy, Eclair and Rosalina.


  • Neighbourines - A group of neighbours in the cul de sac of Ramtoad St. Starring: Toadette, Toadsworth
  • Blue Toads - A group of police officers in a small country town in rural Mushroom Kingdom. Starring: Mario
  • Packed to the Toads - A family of Toads who have just gotten rid of their adult children when various circumstances bring them all home again! Starring: Luigi


  • How I Met Your Father - A female toad tells her children how she met their father 30 years ago. Starring: Pauline
  • Two and a half Toads - A divorced father is forced to move in with his brother when his wife kicks him out! Starring: Toad


  • Madam E. inherited the couple from her father Mister E. when he passed away she rules the company with an iron fist and can not stand incompetence from her employees she handles much of the casting herself and is shown to get very angry at people who are incompitant.
  • Celbrit E. appears at the grand final of many reality shows to present the winner with their prizes she is also one of the stars of the shows How I Met Your Father and Packed to the Toads.
  • Angr E. is the head casting director for reality shows though he very much so hates his job often compaining that they need to return to scripted televison, reality shows are rubbish he claims.

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