YES! Hold the show! We've only got five turns left!
MC Ballyhoo

MC Ballyhoo
MC Ballyhoo's art in most of the games he appears in.
Current Age Unknown
Gender Male
Current Status Alive
Ability/ies Possible hammerspace inside hat
First Appearance Mario Party 8
Latest Appearance Mario Kart XL

MC Ballyhoo is a character who debuted as the host of Mario Party 8, and since then has only appeared in fan games. He wears a talking hat named Big Top.


MC Ballyhoo wears blue-green pants and a purple suit with a comically large red bowtie. He usually carries his microphone with him. His mouth is larger than the rest of his body, and his eyes appear to be excited-looking neon yellow slits.

Big Top is a blue top hat with a light blue rim. He has some facial features such as a bucktoothed mouth, cyan and magenta eyes, and eyelashes.

Game Appearances

Party Racer

Mc Ballyhoo appeared as a playable character in both Mario Kart: Pro Circuit and Mario Kart XL. He is an unlockable character in both of the games. He is a small character.

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