MAX is an unfinished 3D model that was given life by The Manifester. MAX is actually three 3D models combined, MAX Yellow, MAX Blue, and MAX Red. MAX can switch out of these with ease, all of them have a characteristic that makes them different, aswell. Though MAX is usually seen as MAX Yellow. Because he was never finished, MAX has uncompleted segments and is mostly made out of flat lines and seems to have no eyes, though still having sight.


MAX Yellow

MAX Yellow (nicknamed Yellow) is the stubbiest of the MAX forms, and has an abnormally big head for a thing his size. His nose is greatly exagerated, being very large. MAX Yellow has an unfinished arm, which flickers and moves everywhere all the time. MAX Yellow is good at fitting under small spots, and even has an ability called Resize, where he can change his size from big to small, but Resize does have limits.

MAX Blue

MAX Blue (nicknamed Blue) is the tallest of the MAX Forms, and is really thin. MAX Blue's right side of his face is a distorted mess, and usually distorts every couple seconds or so. MAX Blue is good for getting up to tall spaces. He has an ability called Move, which allows him to move things with ease, he is even seen being able to lift up a medium-sized boat, though he can only lift it for a small ammount of time, and he does have cooldowns.


MAX Red (nicknamed Red) is the bulkiest of the MAX Forms, and has a really body, though not as tall as Blue, he is still moderately tall. He has immense strength, but has two forever displaced areas in his legs, one is his right knee, which is floating two inches away from his body, and his left thigh, which is totally gone. His special ability is Delete, which can totally disentegrate items, but not humans. Things like robots and things created from computer codes, binary, etc. can be damaged, but usually not disentegrated.

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