Name M1911
Fire Rate
1.5 Secs cooldown
Description Handheld Pistol for basic self defense. Not too powerful, but not too bad either.

The M1911 is an equippable Pistol found in a TBA game. The M1911 is commonly used by the lower end of Sentinel Drones as it is seen dropped near their remains. The player is assigned with an M1911 after the tutorial level, The Surge, as a basic tool to use against Raven Drones. The gun is the default base for the rest of the game's pistols, being one with the most balanced stats out of all the pistols. The total provided base ammo for the M1911 is 80 Bullets (7 Rounds in each Magazine) and the M1911 can be upgraded with a damage increase or a faster fire rate.

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