M.U.T.A.T.E.D is an upcoming game on Nintendo DS, made by 'Shroomtech Games (it used to belong to Twenty-Second Choice but the rights were bought by 'Shroomtech). It is roughly based on the story of Nintendo Mutated. It will not be revealed the way this game ends until Nintendo Mutated is finished.


Mushroom Story

Mario and Luigi are off to go to Princess Peach's Castle, along the way defeating various enemies. When they arrive there, they find a massive, green beast with three tongues, five eyes, two noses and a massive lower body. This serves as a training boss. After defeating it, Yoshi is returned to his true form. They quickly run inside to tell Peach of this incident.

Hyrule Story

Link was in Hyrule Field, fighting Octorok's, until he found a temple which he hadn't seen before. He decided to explore it and defeat the mini-boss, get the item and defeat the boss so he could get a Heart Container. He barely got halfway through the first room when he was attacked by a large horse-like creature, with a human's head (although distorted), hooves which were alight with purple flames, a large fan-shaped tail and a twisted body. After he defeats it, it returns to being Zelda then falls to the ground. Link puts her on Epona's back and begins riding towards Hyrule Castle.