Mâché, Block Breakdown 2

Mâché as he appears in Block Breakdown 2.
Full Name Mâché Beloved
Current Age Immortal
Gender Male
Species Artificial Teran
Location Residue Isles
Family and Relations
The Beloved (creator)

The Creator's revenge (symbol)

First Appearance Block Breakdown 2

Mâché is a character from the Block Breakdown series who makes his debut in Block Breakdown 2. In the Story Mode, Mâché is the persona that the player uses to venture throughout most of the story (not counting the very beginning and ends, where Teisha is/can be controlled) and serves as one of the main protagonists of the game. He is not a true member of his kind, the Teran, but rather an artificial copy created by The Beloved as they sacrificed their being together to craft someone who could save the world from Archis after his release. Because he is not a true Teran, he carries some key differences between himself and the others, such as his sandpaper-like texture, his inability to speak, and the lack of a true age. According to Dylan, Mâché is a character that symbolizes the new Creator's thirst for vengeance against the culprit that tore up the old Creator's belongings, and that he is spiritually linked to many other characters of the series as they are represenations of his different emotions as well.

Block Breakdown 2

In Block Breakdown 2, after Bel and Oved's defeat at the hands of Archis, they are left with no choice but to reunite into their original form in order to gain the power of making another Teran with the ability to clear Block Breakdown matches. This Teran is immediately recognized to be imperfect as it cannot speak out loud (though it manages to communicate telepathically with The Beloved, possibly due to the power they share), but regardless is willing to help out when it comes to reuniting the isles.

Eventually, Mâché makes it to Archis's castle, where he manages to successfully defeat the evil Crafto. He teams up with Teisha in the final battle against Mummther, and is not seen for the rest of the game following the defeat of the darkness. Since Mâché is a symbol of the Creator's need for vengeance, it is possible that Mâché has disappeared from the Residue Isles since the emotion of the Creator's was fulfilled once Mummther was defeated, and lives on elsewhere.