M'Icho (Full name M'Icho Nook) is YoshiEgg Nook's ancestor from the Ancient Times. He has a fierce rivalry with The Groo.


M'Icho is much like YoshiEgg Nook. He is brave and very strong, especially when he gets angry. M'Icho is willing to sacrifice himself for others, including his Tanooki Tribe from the Ancient Times and his friends and family from the present. He is nearly mute, but he can say some words when he chooses to.


M'Icho is a black Tanooki with a gray apron with a yellow lightning bolt on it, symbolizing his patriotism for his tribe, the lightning bolt being their symbol. If you look closely at him, you can see a small scar running down part of his face, but this is only visible up close and not in most photographs.


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