Lyx the Destroyer
Lyx full PA
Full Name Lyx
Current Age Unknown
Gender N/A
Species Shadow Android
Family and Relations
Phere the Eradicator
Main Weapon(s) Blade-Arm
Lyx the Destroyer
First Appearance Ultimate End Part 1


The Shadow Android project was failing, and the Eggman Empire was losing, it was eventually destroyed by one the androids, it declared itself as a traitor, a rogue and a blasphemist towards the empire, it went on a rampage with it's own name, chaos siphon and army.

Imperial Menace

Lyx will play a massive role in Fantendo Forever.



  • Why am I surrounded by defective droids?
    Lyx, angry at his soldiers are failing everything.

  • I hate this too, but it's the only way!
    Lyx, to Hiro when they are forced to work together.

    Lyx, when possesed by The Fold


Lyx's voice is strikingly similar to that of a Daleks

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