I will never lose until I lose my soul. What there is of one, anyway.
Lyric, regarding her affinity to chess

its art
Current Age 23
Date of Birth May 30th
Gender Female
Species Human
Current Status Alive
Class Chess Master
Vulnerable To Normal human weaknesses
Height 5'08"
First Appearance Inamorata Drifters

Lyric is one of the two lead characters in Inamorata Drifters, being a megalomaniac, cheeky lass with a strange obsession for the board game known as "chess". She is very flamboyant, tomboyish, and even an anarchist, putting her at odds with her organized Christian family whom opposes her views and life. Lyric is well known for how casual she behaves in even the worst possible situations, treating every situation she's in and every insult she's given with total indifference, which makes it practically impossible for her to give in to outside forces or change her emotions at any moment. Lyric is also known for her low-pitch voice and constant, lunatic-like laughter.


Lyric is a moderately tall lady with a masculine body; whilst she lacks facial hair or any bodily hair, she has a flat chest and has rowdy hair that never appears to be tamed. Hell, Lyric rarely looks stylish, for she always wears damaged clothing and tends to look somewhat dirty. She at least showers once every morning, but otherwise tends to not really care about her appearance. Lyric's indifference to what's going on with her body has made her a home for little bugs and critters, with spiders occasionally traveling around her body. They actually benefit her by fighting the bad stuff hanging off of her whilst they take what they want: actual affection. They always hide around Kasdeya, though, who hates little bugs.


Lyric always appears to be indifferent regardless of the situation she's in. No matter the pleasure or pain, it's all nothing to her really, except for when it comes to Kasdeya who can actually make her feel good. She is always chilled and laid-back, relaxing even in times that can be compared to apocalypses. She can occasionally be playful, but is always completely unafraid of challenging anything. Despite being an average human being, Lyric has no concerns for what comes her way, as her extreme defiance and strong spirit have always allowed her to overcome diseases and illnesses. Lyric is so brave to the point where she can be considered foolish, always doing whatever to ensure her survival even if it means going through a hell of a lot of trouble for it. She has taken several samples of lethal diseases in order for her body to develop counter-reactive strikes against them if she comes in contact with otherwise lethal doses in the future. She has been described as "the pain that never leaves" by her father for this.

Even though she may make many pessimistic comments about herself or the world, she in-fact loves herself but never straight-up admits it, only using her anti self-flattering to piss off people who try to break her down. Her gruff voice, especially after her publicly-acknowledged transitioning from male to female, has intimidated many folks around herself to the point where they constantly attempt to evade talking to or coming in contact with her. Lyric's generally masculine personality in spite of her feminine identity has only added to her loneliness as a child. However, this never fazed her negatively, for she had playgrounds to herself and was able to gain friends out of local bullies by sweet-talking them and sharing their sentiments. These bullies took care of her during her final years on Earth immediately following her suspension from high school, giving her food, water, shelter, and entertainment when they weren't focused on school.

Lyric's obsession with chess and the morals and mechanics behind it have made her extremely well-known in her home state of South Carolina, with Lyric making comments often about how her life is like a really long game of chess. When Lyric gains allies, they're added to her end of this hypothetical board, with their piece strength depending on how much they matter to her. Enemies for Lyric are always added to the other side, with the piece they happen to take the shape of signifying how much of enemies they are to her. Kings are her top priorities for getting rid of or evading, whilst pawns are just mere annoyances. If pieces betray her or become her ally, their position on the board is swapped. This hypothetical board has no restrictions on its size, although Lyric always implies that it is a perfect square and that all of the pieces are near the line that perfectly divides the board into two halves.



Kasdeya has broken the mold for Lyric's expectations, with Kasdeya being the first and only person the tomboy has ever given utmost respect and full loyalty to, highly respecting her values and kindness to the strange woman. The two very rarely argue, with Kasdeya preferring to talk out differences and experimenting with Lyric's interests rather than talking back against her. Kasdeya has always been absorbed with Lyric's doings and often partakes in activities with her in or out of the caravan. Lyric has credited Kasdeya for helping her feel remorse or sorrow for the first time in her life, for those were emotions she found impossible to feel... even when all of Lyric's siblings were eaten alive, which she witnessed live.


  • Lyric was built off of the creator's love for chess and fits the personality model that Athena likes the most for characters. She is supposed to be like a "supposedly emotionally flawless" being.

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