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Lyra Soulstice is a character in the series HGSS: Johto Adventure. She is a Johto Conest Coordinator and Ethan's best friend. She serves as Professor Elm's assistant. Lyra's main Pokémon is a Marill, and can always be seen with it. Like Ethan, she also lives in New Bark Town. She debuted in Pokémon HeartGold and SoulSilver".


Blue = Male
Red = Female

On Hand


Marill is Lyra's main Pokémon. She can always be seen walking with it. It is not very strong, but it can last a long time in battle. Marill currently knows the moves of Pund, Water Gun, Bounce, and BubbleBeam, which are all good moves for a Pokémon Contest.

Obtained prior to: New Barks!

Hinted Pokémon from the Season 1 Openings

No other Pokémon were seen with Lyra during the Season 1 episode openings. But Lyra is sure to have more Pokémon.

Anticipated Pokémon


Because Lyra uses her Marill so much, it is anticiapted that it will evolve soon.

Previously Owned

Johto Contest Ribbons

None yet.

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