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Lydia's gold portrait.
Full Name Lydia, the mirror gazing mother...
Current Age 34
Date of Birth  ???
Gender Female
Species Ghost
Current Status decest
First Appearance Luigi's Mansion
Latest Appearance Mario & Luigi RPG: Z
Lydia is the second ghost of Luigi's Mansion who is located in the Master Bedroom, she is the mother of Henry & Orvile and Chauncey, she is married to Neville.


Lydia has blonde hair -she seems to be very proud of it- her eyes are green and she wears a short pink robe, she offten has her hair brush with her. She has a ghost tail instead of legs.

Game Apperances

Luigi's Mansion

Lydia is the second ghost of this game, she leaves the key to Chauncey's room.


  • It is stated Bogmire killed Lydia when she was brushing her hair.


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