Lyan2-2 portrait

Sprite: Lyan

Full Name Lyan
Current Age 17
Gender Male
Class Hero

Lyan is the main protagonist of an upcoming game named 'Sphere of Colors'.


Lyan looks like your pretty average guy. He has an average size and peachy skin. His hair is blonde, modeled to the right, and has blue eyes. He most often wears a blue-striped shirt and black trousers. He gets comments on how he pretty handsome, and so thinks that of himself as well.


Lyan is a carefree guy on first sight and doesn't let out much about himself. Seemingly not caring about anything at all. However he actually is actually very nice and caring. As he is very carefree he acts very lazy and takes things slow at most times. When it comes to his family or close friends however he is ready to step up his game. For example at one time his sister was getting bullied by a large guy so Lyan stood up for her, beat him up and regretted nothing. Although he seems to not care for anything he is actually kind of a wimp. He dislikes horror and can't stand to watch it. In addition to that he is afraid of the dark and doesn't dare to go outside without any form of light. This changes when he is with other people, trying to not seem like a wimp. He doesn't like to be looked down on by others, but in a way being with others also stimulate him to conquer these fears although he knows he will never get over them.

A common thing is that Lyan quickly will tell others when he is thinking about something stupid. During discussions between two parties he will rarely pick a side and try to understand both ends of the discussion. He is very open-minded and trusts people easily, maybe a bit too much. He likes to do his research on subjects and people to understand them better, which sometimes may not be for the best.


He has a set of different powers, which are all based on the primary seven colors. Red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet. He acquired these powers by visiting a magical world which areas represented these seven colors. These abilities are all usefull for different situations.

Color Ability Description
Red Flame Sword Transforms his right lower arm into a fire-like sword. It doesn't hurt the user, however it can easily be negated by things like rain. Weapon
Orange Wind Rush Runs at an incredible speed for a short distance. It's hard to see or make turns while using this. Fast Melee
Yellow Golden Forcefield Summons a forcefield which is as strong as gold. Doesn't last long, but is extremely strong. Shield
Green Healing Roots User connects itself to the ground with the roots, which will heal the user. It doesn't take that long to fully heal the user, but he cannot move while using this. Healing
Blue Glass Substitution Replaces the users body with a glass-like clone which is easily destroyed by hitting it, but will likely leave the opponent open to a counter attack. Counter
Indigo Shadow Immersion User transforms his whole body into a shadow on the ground, so he is harder to notice/hit. However the shadow the user tranforms into is Indigo so look closely and you'll be able to spot it. If the shadow is hit the user will be knocked out of the ground. Evasiveness
Violet Sound Summon The user can summon a sound from anywhere within a certain range. However it has to be a sound he has memorized or can replicate. Distraction

Simply by thinking of the ability he wants to use, he can activate and/or use them.

His abilities have some drawbacks/weaknesses though, so he'll always be careful making decisions and thinking of a strategy. This way he came up with some neat combinations like; hiding in Shadow Immersion while using Healing Roots. 


A scientist discovers a sphere-like device that has absorbed all the colors from the world and so he sends Lyan on a quest to return the colors back to earth. Lyan gets teleported into the sphere and has to travel to seven different locations in very different areas. On his journey he learns that each area's inhabitants have special abilities coming from the 7 colors. Because Lyan is a human he somehow learns these abilities, which help him on his journey to collect the seven colors and get them back to earth. But what happens to the world inside the sphere when all the colors are collected?

Full (unfinished) story here:



  • Lyan was created from a nameless sprite made for fun.
  • His striped shirt is inspired by the protagonists of the Mother series.
  • His name comes from Hyalina (the Latin translation of "Colorless").