Luz is a lightbulb Kirby who was cursed by Dark Matter to never be able to transform back into his regular Kirby state at a young age.

Fantendo Heroes UNITE!!!

Luz makes his first appearance in this massive fan-fic as a major hero.

Xero Chronicles: The Untold Chapter


Lego Luz

Luz will be appearing in Lego Nintendo under the Fantendo section.

Kirby Dimension Gate

Luz is among those who enter the Dimension Gate to rescue King Dedede in Kirby Dimension Gate; he is one of the weakest playable characters, having a low amount of health and hardly any physical power, but he has the ability to dispel the darkness induced by Corrucciare; he can be considered a lethal joke character, in that he is a joke character in terms of most of his abilities but the fact that he can instantly kill some of the stronger enemies in the game make him very powerful for those who manage to master playing as him.



  • Luz is light in Portuguese.