Luxmors Bastion
Luxmors Bastion
The Game's Logo
Developer(s) Darklight Studios 2
Publisher(s) Logo
Platform(s) Nintendo NX, Visus Sphere
Single-Player, 2-Player Co-Op
Age Rating(s)
OFLC M rating
Genre(s) Beat 'em Up, Action-Adventure, 3D Platformer, Third-Person Shooter, RPG
Series Unten
Predecessor None
Successor  ???
Luxmors Bastion is an upcoming title in the That one Series with a Long and Uninteresting name that I do not with to remember. It is a standalone title and has relatively no significance onthe present timeline although is part of the future events.

The game was first announced on August 29, 2015 in which a few images were released including a Beta of the Game's logo. It featured Unten wielding unrecognized weaponry, a long-slender being that would later become known as Ultionem and two Unten looking beings called Vitae and Fanten.

The game features a Beat 'em Up style battle system and utilizes melee and gunplay styles of battling with some enemies requiring close combat while others requiring a more ranged approach. In addition a basic RPG concept is included that allows Unten to utilize his weaponry through his prison Nanomachines upgrading the weapons and his Nanomachines to make him more efficient in battle.

The game also has noticeably few returning characters from previous entries with Unten and Zerita making the only physical appearances while others such as Doomulus Grime & Mondo are mentioned through hidden audiologs stating their status as of the game's placement in the timeline.


Luxmors Bastion is a 3D Platformer with Beat 'em Up style combat. Unten like in previous itterations is able to jump about and appears to have gained some basic wall running and wall jumping abilities. In addition as contrast to previous entries, Unten has been stripped off his Electrokinesis instead forcing him to utilize local weaponry.


Unten during his intial imprisonment been injected with Nanomachines that were meant to control his behaviour delivering painful chemicals into his bloodstream was he to misbehave, however after they were rerogrammed they function as his life meter and the mechanic of upgrading weaponry and Unten's natural and combat abilities.

Unten recovers health through draining the Plasma from fallen enemies as well as from certain access points. In addition at these Access Points, Unten is able to tap into his own Nanomachines and change them accordingly.

In Single-Player, Unten will occassionally meet up with other prisoners who have escaped the Nanomachines' control and help Unten in his attempt to destroy the Luxmors Prison Force. These characters are replaced by the second player in Co-Op although the second player will permanently be with Unten.

The second player in Co-Op will be a Skeletrax until Zerita is freed and then replaced by Zerita.


Vitae due to being a Fanten Robot, possesses a weapons system instead of Unten's Nanomachines. Vitae is unable to pick up weapons and instead downloads their battle properties into his system and converts the weapon into an energy cannon. Vitae is only able to hold one weapon property at a time as to make his gameplay more similar to Unten's.

Vitae cannot recover health through draining the Plasma of fallen enemies and instead is able to drain energy from light and heat sources as well as generators. He can also tap into Access Points to recover health and upgrade his natural and melee abilities. Vitae's ranged capabilities depend on his weapon properties and cannot be upgraded.

In Single-Player, Vitae is sometimes assisted by prisoners who realize his good intentions. They help Vitae in purging the Luxmors Prison System of the Virus allowing the calculation for arrest to be reformatted to a more civil arrangement. These charaters, like Unten's are replaced by the second player in Co-Op who always tags along with Vitae unlike the assisting characters.

The second player in Co-Op is a White-Gold Fanten bot capable of the same abilities as Vitae.


Unten wakes up to find himself locked in some sort of futuristic prison, seemingly trapped Unten realises all the guards are robotic and suddenly has memories of robots that looked eerily like him attacking him off guard. Unten looks over and sees a computer, accessing it he finds that he has been arrested for attempted theft of the Cronw Jewels of the 4D Cube. Unten confused by this attempts to ask one of the guards what the computer says however the guard only turns to immediately press a button on Unten's cell that causes something within him to cause an unimaginable pain causing him to fall to the floor in pain.

The guard walks off while Unten tries to recover from the lingering pain. He suddenly hears a voice, peetering from a small hole in the right wall of his cell, Unten sees a finger waggling. He goes over to the hole and the voice on the other side tells him to not talk to the guards since he's been injected with Nanomachines that will administer chemicals to cause prisoners to be unable to retaliate. Just then the voice stops as a loud siren is heard and Unten watches as lights from some of the Guard Towers shift to the centre of the courtyard in front of his cells where a platform begins rising out of the ground...

Meanwhile deep below the cells where Unten and other prisoners are being held, a time vortex opens up in the maintenance chambers of the Prison complex, a being steps out of the vortex as it closes and is suddenly surrounded by guards. The guards order the being to accept arrest however the being merely laughs stating that it's disappointed in the guards for not having stopped him earlier.


Unten's Storyline

After the loud siren silences itself, Unten watches from his cell as a platform rises from beneath the ground, on the platform are three individuals, a brutish-looking Reptilian Robot with a powerful mace-shaped tail, a flying insectoid robot with distached arms and a long extremely skinny indivdual with a faintly glowing scarf-like appendage. The latter of these three walks up to some sort of speaker and introduces themselves to Unten and the other prisoners as Ultionem, Mortem & Plaga, explaining that all prisoners kept in Luxmors Prison are here due to unforgiveable crimes or the attempt at an unforgiveable crime. Ultionem then stares directly at Unten and states that while some prisoners will have the luxury of dying from their crimes, others will suffer the long way.

Ultionem then concludes its speech and heads into the giant tower behind the platform with Mortem and Plaga following behind. The podium lowers back into the ground and the guards go back to their duties. The voice from the other cell returns again and asks Unten if they have any elastic on them to which Unten mentions his wristbands, the voice sounding elated passes Unten a mysteriously glowing bone and tells Unten that he should see small panel on the back of his cell that has an odd-shaped lock to it. Unten looks over and notices the panel and asks the voice what to do, the voice replies stating to jam the bone into the lock and use Unten's wristband to yank the panel off. Unten heads over to the panel and jams the hook end of the bone into the panel's lock and attaches his wristband to the other end of the bone forcefully yanking the panel from the wall. Surprisingly no guards notice Unten's actions and Unten quickly retrieves the bone from the Panel Lock and looks over the panel, through mostly filled with wires one distinct feature does stand out, a large glowing pack of some sort of liquid. Unten asks the voice about the liquid to which the voice says they need to destroy it as it'll neutralize all the Nanomachines in their cell block as well as open all the cells in the cell block. Unten rushes over to the panel and attempts to blast it with Lightning however his Nanomachines have shut down his electrical capabilities, Unten without any other choice punches the pack of liquid causing it to burst, there is a sudden high pitched screech heard from the speakers on Unten's Cell Block as the power cuts off and all the cell doors open. Unten quickly turns around to find a Guard standing at his cell, while other prisoners are running out the guard walks up to Unten but is hit in the back by another prisoner with long claws who quickly runs off allowing Unten to search the Robotic Guard. Unten finds he's able to tear off a small Hand Cannon from the guard and picks it up, the lights on the Hand Cannon turn on and a voice from the Hand Cannon is unable to recognize Unten as a Prisoner and acknowledges that his Nanomachines must mean he's a guard.

In the utter chaos Unten notices a group of prisoners in the distance at an open door with one indicating for Unten to rush over. Unten runs through the chaos, gunning down as many guards in his path and avoiding the return fire. He soon reaches the group who see the prisoners are getting overwhelmed and shut the door. In the dark lighting a voice tells one of the other prisoners to get the light, when the light flickers on Unten sees he's surrounded by a group of various prisoners who vary in shape and form. One walks over to Unten and introduces himself as Skeletrax and asks Unten if he could have his collar bone back. Unten somewhat staggers by the appearance of the walking, talking and glowing skeleton but hands over the collar bone which Skeletrax firmly readjusts into his neck by removing all the bones above it. He tells Unten that he'd heard of their arrival and understands that Unten may be confused by what's going on, Skeletrax admits that he kind of planned for things to go more smoothly but after catching glimpses of Unten's file assumed he was going to just be used for parts. Unten stops Skeletrax and asks what Skeletrax wants with him. Skeletrax pauses and hesitates and then tells Unten that right now they're too vulnerable to go through that discussion and need to find somewhere safer. Just then the ventilation shaft above the group begins to shake and Skeletrax orders everyone to stand back, the vent opens and slowly, a blob of slime slowly drips out of the vent quickly reforming once it had all fallen out. The Slime creature turns to face Skeletrax and using its ear attempts to salute, the creature states that it's found a way to a safe zone undetectable by the LPF, Unten confused by the creature that has appeared before the group asks Skeletrax who the slime is, the slime quickly turns to face Unten and tries to salute again and then introduces itself as Jibble, continuing without seemingly pausing, Jibble explains how she has worked with Skeletrax prior to his arrest and snuck in undetected with Skeletrax when he went to prison. Unten confused how that happened asked, to which Skeletrax explained how Jibble being a liquid is able to easily flush out any Nanomachines in her and simply attached herself to Skeletrax's bones and camouflaged with the glow. Jibble then interrupts explaining that they need to head down through the maintenance tunnels and headbutts a nearby door, forcibly opening it allowing the group to head down into the shaft.

The group navigates through the silent and cramped system of shafts occasionally encountering the odd defensive turret. Soon the group find themselves in an abandoned section of the Prison, the old Generator. Skeletrax looks around and notes to Unten that they should be safe in this room however without supplies they're going to be forced out at some point. Jibble notices some odd chutes on one of the walls and begins climbing up one of them, looking inside she yells to Unten and the others that it looks to be an old food & water dispenser although based on the abandonment of the area, they are no longer used. Skeletrax pauses for a moment to think and then walks over to Unten and asks Unten to see if he can reroute the food chutes that go to their Cell Block to the food chutes in the abandoned room, he explains that he'll find a way to reroute water to the chutes. Skeletrax then busts open one of the doors and heads out. Unten follows along and quickly realizes he has no idea how to get to any system that would control the food dispenser, he begins wandering about through the maze-like corridors encountering several guards and some basic security systems, soon however Unten finds a computer on one of the walls, accessing the computer Unten finds a basic layout of the surrounding area including a control station located a few floors above the one he was on. Unten then begins navigating around various levels of the tunnel systems however before being able to reach the Control Station is blocked entry by a bizarre four-legged, white, spider-like robot. The guard notices Unten and begins calling out orders, summoning tiny Red and White robots. The robot then identifies Unten and refers to itself as Blitzer-015, Unten quickly realising what the name means, runs for cover as the robot lets loose a barrage of lasers.

Unten darts around the arena partially created by Blitzer-015, disabling its legs allowing him to finish it off by destroying its core on the back of its head. With the creature deactivated, Unten continues into the Control Station and finds several computers with one showing a panel of pipes with numerous connections. Suddenly as he goes to touch a button, the whole computer converts its text into English making it easy for Unten to read. Unten's Nanomachines surpass the Computer's security clearances and allow him to be able to reroute the food pipes to unoccupied cells in their cell block to them. In addition Unten accidentally activates another computer, seperate from the rest. When the computer fully turns on, it shows an image of one of the Nanomachines inside Unten, it then displays that the Nanomachines Hierarchy Coding has been broken however physical restraints are still in place, Unten notices however that by hovering over parts of the Nanomachine it can be upgraded with material, Unten walks over to the Blitzer-015 and picks up the machine and hauls it over to the computer, the computer scans the Blitzer-015 and opens a chute where it processes the robot into parts for Unten's Nanomachines, hesitantly Unten presses on the upgrade for the core of the Nanomachines and suddenly is stabbed in both wrists by a pair of needles that quickly dart out of the machine, unable to flinch on time, Unten steps back from the machine, however the computer announces to Unten that his Nanomachines have increased their durability. Unten then finished with the bizarre computers, begins heading back to the prisoner group awaiting his return.

Along the way back however Unten quickly realizes that the way he came has been blocked off and the doors have shifted preventing him returning to the group. He begins wandering around soon running into a trio of guards who look oddly like him, the guards quickly identify Unten and order him to stand down, however just as they're about to attack him, some sort of liquid begins dripping from the ceiling vent catching the Guards' attention, they look up and immediately begin firing, the vent begins to buckle and Unten makes a run for it as the large vent begins crashing down the corridor, Unten quickly dives into a corridor without the vent and waits until the dust settles. Looking back out the corridor, Unten sees there is rubble on both sides blocking his way out. He takes a moment to look around and sees a door labelled "Maintenance". Unten heads inside and is ambushed by Skeletrax who explains that he heard the thunderous crash and hid in the Maintenance room expecting one of the Commanding Officers to be looking for him. Skeletrax asks Unten if he found a way to divert the food rations to the prisoners to which Unten explains how he was able to but also ran into something called a Blitzer-015, Skeletrax pauses and then snaps his finger bones as though he was trying to click and tells Unten that he remembers seeing the Blitzer Bots before and explains that even though there are the Commanding Officers there is a Hierarchy among the regular guards as well as explains that Blitzers are in charge Bashers and Swarmers to which Skeletrax turns on the Computer in the Maintenance Room and hacks the system to show images of the three robots. Unten recognizes the Swarmer robots but not the Basher Robots, Skeletrax continues his explanation, stating that Basher's usually hide in special tunnels until a Blitzer calls for them, so Skeletrax believes that right now Unten must not be considered a major threat to the LPF and accesses that he will probably be able to access areas with less resistance.

Unten then asks Skeletrax if he knows how they're supposed to get out of the Maintenance Room as the door has sealed shut and has no handle. Skeletrax pauses and looks around and asks Unten to check the machinery on the rack next to them. Unten looks over the devices, all completely alien in design to anything he's seen before. Unten picks up a small Blaster looking device and pulls the trigger, however it reveals the device was merely a Flashlight. Unten keeps looking, pulling out a large Rod that was actually just a Mop, a ball like object that when he discards it, explodes spraying the room in foam. Lastly Unten grabs what appears to be some sort of Farm Scythe, confused Unten flicks a small switch and the Scythe begins radiating heat, Unten tests the Scythe on the door and is quickly cuts through allowing him to make a hole for Skeletrax and himself to get out. Skeletrax tells Unten that they'll have to tag along together to find a way out and suggests they see about going through the vent since it seems to be holding itself together despite having several tons of concrete, steel and wiring on top of it.

The two begin crawling through the narrow passage ways and soon find they're not alone as small robot sentries called Slammers have infested the Vent. Fighting their way through the compact location, Unten and Skeletrax come across an opening however just before hopping down they here heavy footsteps and stay in the vent, they listen carefully and watch two large figures slowly walk to just below their location in the vent. One of the two figures tells the other that the Prison Break is unacceptable and that they'll have to kill the witnesses instructing the other figure to kill Cell Blocks U and V. The two figures then head off and Unten tells Skeletrax they have to stop the guard from killing Cell Blocks U and V since it's their fault that those prisoners will be killed. Skeletrax pauses for a moment and then suddenly snaps into actions pulling the cover off of the vent opening stating that one of his best men is in U Block and they'll need his help to escape the facility. Unten asks Skeletrax why they didn't do that earlier to which Skeletrax merely laughs and asks Unten if he realized there was never a plan to begin with. The two trail the voice of the figure carefully sneaking past guards soon arriving at a large stairwell where the figure disappears up.

Unten and Skeletrax stealthfully scale the staircase hiding in the convienent rooms from guards, Skeletrax points this out wondering why they'd have so many rooms for a single tower, Unten points out as they ascend that each room has large computers in it likely intended for holding data. The two get to the top and the guard they were following turns around to face them, it tells Unten and Skeletrax that they should be quieter when scaling a staircase, especially one with surveillance cameras, the guard steps out of the shadows its title, Cyber Guardian X-04 and tells Unten and Skeletrax that it will personally destroy them and then kill the U and V Cell Blocks. The Cyber Guardian calls for several Cyber Guards to assist it and an all out gun battle ensues. Unten and Skeletrax dart between the smaller rooms on the top floor to avoid the flurry of projectiles, quickly downing the weaker Cyber Guards and chipping away at Cyber Guardian X-04. Skeletrax notices the Cyber Guardian begins charging up its Right Arm and tells Unten to run over and bust the arm, Unten does so and quickly dashes over to the Cyber Guardian grabbing hold of the arm, the Cyber Guardian attempts to shake Unten off, although Unten notices a small keypad on the arm and pressed his hand against it causing Unten's hand to glow as it quickly tears the Keypad off, magnetically. This causes the Cyber Guardian's system to disable itself, allowing Skeletrax to run up and jump into Cyber Guardian X-04 and punch it straight through the head. Skeletrax pulls his arm out by detaching his hand and then re-attaching it. The Cyber Guardian then announces its Self-Destruction and begins counting down, Unten and Skeletrax run for cover as the Cyber Guardian detonates. The two walk over to the remains of the Cyber Guardian and Unten picks up a faintly glowing core, the core swiftly sends out a robotic tentacle that injects itself into Unten, the Core announces a Data Upload stating Unten to now be Guardian Rank, the core then detaches itself and falls to the ground, deactivating and shattering. Unten confused by this walks over to the nearby console for the three cell blocks in front of him and Skeletrax, titled U, V and X.

Skeletrax asks Unten if he recognizes any of the symbols, suddenly Unten begins hallucinating seeing the symbols morph into words he can understand. In an almost trance-like state Unten presses a combination of buttons opening the cells. In the instant the Cell Doors begin to open, Unten snaps back to reality, Skeletrax confused asks him what happened, Unten, confused, responds stating that he had no idea and that he just lost control of his body. Unten goes over to the Nano Terminal near the console and presses his hand against the console to check his Nanomachines. Unten finds out that in addition to giving Unten Guardian Rank, the orb also granted Unten the ability to read the robot code. Skeletrax suggests Unten should keep an eye out for anymore Guardians and see if he can access their cores for more useful abilities. Unten agrees and the two watch as the prisoners begin escaping, heading to a convergence point where Skeletrax directs them to follow the small group of prisoners who had come from the safe room. Skeletrax then asks Unten to redirect the supplies to the Cell Blocks to the Safe Room as well and Unten hacks into the console system and redistributes the supplies. Skeletrax then picks up a small metallic ball in the console and the ball begins floating in the air and then projects an image, showing a detailed map of the surrounding area, Skeletrax points out to Unten where the Safe Room is and tells him they should split up and meet there once he's ready to continue. Skeletrax takes the ball and Unten grabs another metallic ball from the console that had been shot out of a nearby shoot into the same location as Skeletrax's one.

Unten begins progressing with his new map towards the sealed room where the escapees were hiding. Soon Unten reaches the group where he is greeted by a large water Elemental called Nero, he explains that he was the leader of one of the cell blocks Unten freed, he explains that what Unten doing isn't going unnoticed and he has a plan to get them to an undetectable area of the planet. Skeletrax walks over to the two of them and tells Unten about Nero, explaining that Nero is on of Skeletrax's Lieutenants and that to reach a safe destination from the LPF they'll have to find two more of Skeletrax's Lieutenants, Pagos and Atsali. Unten asks Skeletrax's how he can even be sure if his Lieutenants are in the prison. Skeletrax's pauses and then asks Unten and Nero to follow him into a sectioned off room from the main room and has them sit down around a dusty table, Skeletrax asks Unten if he's wondered how Skeletrax could keep order among such a large number of prisoners, Unten a bit confused by the question, Skeletrax explains that the LPF have been hunting him for years and even though there were years between each captures Skeletrax knew his crew were loyal to his beliefs and even though some of his crew were captured a long time before he was he kept sending messages with captured crew members to reassure the captured that he would free them. Skeletrax continues stating that his legacy of beliefs continues on as a way to recruit new crew members from across all time-space. Unten then asks Skeletrax if he ever recruited any Beorns like Unten, Skeletrax says that it's possible although many species look quite similar so it may just be a lot of Bear Recruits.

Shut down by Skeletrax's comment, Unten allows Skeletrax to continue his plan, he explains that one of the main ways that they're going to be able to free everyone is to find special security towers like the one Unten and Skeletrax were at earlier. Unten questions Skeletrax on how he expects them to do that when it was a miracle they found the first one. Skeletrax then hushes Unten and tells him that he knows of another important room in the sector they're in called the Luxmors Records which has detailed maps of all paths through the Prison Planet, Unten then asks why they haven't gone there already to which Skeletrax replies, stating that the place is too heavily guarded and with their current numbers the group would get overwhelmed by the forces within, so Skeletrax requests Unten go into the Luxmors Records and retrieve the data board about the surrounding sector. Unten asks what to look for to which Skeletrax explains that he's done a bit of snooping with his other shipmates and knows that the Sector Data Boards are kept hidden in the Red Room of the Luxmors Records. Unten, know fully knowing his next assignment, attempts to explain his plan back to Skeletrax who despite, Unten's dodgy explanation understands what he means and wishes him best of luck. Unten looks over his map and finds the Luxmors Records are located across the Courtyard to the West of X Block.

As Unten reaches the doors of the Luxmors Records he finds it is tightly locked, telling himself he should've known, he scouts out the area and notices a broken section in the wall to the East of the Luxmors Records and figures it to be his only way in. Unten squeezes through the torn section and slowly maneuvers his way through, hearing the voices of two individuals above him however he stops, he hears a female voice stating that they're aware there is a revolution at hand at that any threat to the records must be destroyed, another significantly more robotic voice tells the female voice to stay on guard as they'll be keeping the Gates sealed until such time. Unten then listens as he hears footsteps from one of the individuals as they swiftly move through the records, he catches a small glimpse of the figure, a tall individual with a large robe, although in the lighting it was nearly impossible to see anything else, the individual teleports out of the Luxmors Records via a teleporter and Unten continues his way through the tight crevices. He soon gets out from the other side and finds himself in a dark room that looks like a normal library, he looks around and sees lights emitting from across the room, some mysterious needle-like robot acting as a sentry, suddenly Unten's map begins shaking and he picks it up to see what's happening, the holographic image shoots up although is smaller than usual and Unten realizes that Skeletrax is contacting him, Skeletrax greets Unten and asks him how he's doing, Unten explains that he heard a female voice and a robotic voice earlier, to which Skeletrax pauses to think, he suggests that the robotic voice might belong the the Gatekeeper of this sector while the Female voice he is unsure, Unten also directs Skeletrax's attention to the Needle Robot. Skeletrax recognizes the robot and states that he's seen them used as Guardlights in enclosed areas like that, he continues stating that he's given them the name Spires and basically if they see Unten they will drop to the floor electrocuting him and alerting any nearby enemies. Understanding this precaution Unten swiftly moves through the first room unsure of where he is supposed to go he notices a desk near the center and makes that his target.

Unten reaches the Desk avoiding the detection of the Spires, and finds a small panel and computer, attempting to access the Computer, Unten finds he can't access suddenly he hears a voice that sounds like a child. Looking around he doesn't see anything although the voice persists and finally begins speaking words familiar to him, the voice greets itself as Alpha, Unten asks where Alpha is to which Alpha explains that it's inside Unten, Unten confused suddenly notices a small flashing red light coming from within his hand. Alpha explains that the flashing light is Alpha, one of Unten's Nanomachines, Unten understandibly confused asks Alpha how it is even functioning, Alpha explains that for the Luxmors Guards to control all the Nanomachines they include an Alpha Nanomachine that has control over the others. Alpha then asks Unten to put his palm on the computer screen as it's the only way Alpha can access the machine, Unten still confused does as the Nanomachine asks. Alpha suddenly creates electricity and zaps the machine causing the screen to change from an Aqua-Marine colour to a Blue very close to Unten's fur. Unten surprised by this asks Alpha what he did, Alpha explains that he's energized the Nanomachines inside the computer and destroyed their link to the main system. Alpha states that they'll only have a few minutes before the system regains control of the Nanomachines in the computer and instructs Unten to search for the Red Room, the results come up and show the room to be to the South of the room Unten is currently in, with this new information Alpha speaks up again and tells Unten that if he takes down an enemy that he should place his palm on the enemy. Unten gets up from his hiding spot and progresses onwards.

Progressing through a series of rooms Unten soon reaches the Red Room that he and Alpha had found on the computer from earlier. Carefully navigating his way through the room, Alpha says that he is picking up a signal from another computer that may be able to help them find the Data Board they are after. Unten follows Alpha's directions and slowly but surely works his way to another monitor, placing his palm on the monitor, Unten accesses its files and finds the location of the Data Board for the complex they are in. Unten sneaks passed the Spires and reaches the location, however upon inspecting the shelf where the Data Board was supposed to be stored he finds it is empty. Suddenly the lights all shut off including the Spires and Unten hears the female voice from earlier, telling Unten that there is nowhere he can hide in her darkness, Unten suddenly feels a piece of metal brush against his leg, flinching he turns around and in a haste attempts to shoot lightning although due to the restraints put on him he is unable to do so, Alpha however quickly illuminates the Nanomachines in Unten's hand subconciously revealing the creature to be some sort of Spider-Like Being who hisses in the light and runs off, Unten asks what her name is to which she replies that she is known by her designation as Araneae, suddenly Unten sees many Swarmers surrounding the area, Araneae tells Unten that after Unten and the others had escaped they knew he was going to come after the Data Boards or attempt to access more areas. Unten surprised by the preperation of the Prison Guards, demands Araneae tell him where she has hidden the Data Board, Araneae merely laughs telling Unten that she'll defend her superiors with her life and won't let Unten near them and orders the Swarmers to begin their attack.

Unten fends off the Swarmers as Araneae summons more, however eventually Unten overcomes all the Swarmers, now standing in a metallic mess on the floor, Araneae descends from the ceiling where she had been watching Unten and tells Unten that he's merely an insect in comparison to her, Araneae then raises up her front two arms and tries to pin Unten the ground, Unten dodges although Araneae in her speed quickly catches up and almost completely surrounds Unten, unable to escape Unten closes his eyes when suddenly a blast of energy fires out of Unten's hand completely burning off some of his fur and busting through Araneae's left fang. Letting out a writhing scream, Araneae partially retreats allowing Unten to stand up, Alpha quickly tells Unten that he's able to detonate some of the nanomachines in Unten's body as a pulse blast, Unten surprised by this asks why Alpha didn't say anything earlier to which Alpha explains that Unten only has a limited amount of Nanomachines so he was trying to figure out the right amount to detonate that would deal damage but also not tear Unten's arm off. Unten notices that Araneae has gotten up again and the battle ensues. In a combination of acquiring the nanomachines from the dead Swarmers and firing his new Pulse Blast & various weapons, Unten fights Araneae who in retaliation sticks to the walls and ceilings attempting to bomb Unten whenever possible, in addition Araneae may leap on Unten causing him to have to dry to physically break part of Aranea's body to fires off a Pulse Blast. Eventaully after a long battle, Unten beats the Robotic Spider to almost complete destruction, having torn off 6 of Araneae's limbs, Unten walks over to the damage robot and demands the Databoard, Aranea, unable to defend herself pulls out the databoard from within her torso plate and tries to get enough limbs to break the databoard although Unten fires a shot square through the torso of Aranea revealing her central computer core which Alpha tells Unten that they can pacify her by deactivating the chip. Unten puts his palm on the chip and Alpha solves a maze to reach Araneae's Alpha Nanomachine and deactivate thus putting the robot into shut down. Unten removes the Databoard from Araneae's hand and receives a message from Skeletrax saying he heard the weapon fire from the Luxmors Records cease and wanted to know Unten's situation, Unten tells Skeletrax that he has the Databoard and that the Luxmors Records should be able to be taken over by the prisoners now that it's head robot has been deactivated. Skeletrax thanks Unten for his determination and tells him to head back to the main base so they can take a look at the Databoard.

Unten heads back to the main base and Skeletrax explains that with this they can find points of importance in their cell areas. Skeletrax quickly goes over the details with Unten explaining that their main goal should be to shut down the reactor room that is connected to the gate of the cell area and from there they can progress, Skeletrax continues stating however that if they want to gain more power over the area and decrease the presence of guards in the area that Unten should look for Teleporter Rooms and Armouries and destroy them both. Unten then asks why they can't just use the Teleporter Rooms and Armouries to their advantage. From which Skeletrax clicks his bony fingers and has one of the prisoners bring in a massive cannon-sized gun, Skeletrax explains that the gun in front of Unten is what is held in those armouries stating that it's physically difficult for any organic creature to use and doubles as a siege weapon for the Guards. He then continues stating that all Teleporter Rooms are quite heavily guarded so using the Teleporters to go from one cell area to another would just spell death for everyone. Unten understanding this is told by Skeletrax to follow him into the main hall room which had since been expanded from when Unten was last there. Skeletrax stands at a podium as Unten stands to the side. Watching, Unten sees the ambition and hope in the members of Skeletrax's crew and wonders about his own escape. Alpha suddenly chimes in talking to Unten through his conciousness. Admittedly annoyed by this Unten asks if Alpha is going to give him lectures on how to fire weapons or how to open doors to which Alpha simply responds by stating that he was programmed to keep Unten under control, not to teach Unten how to perform basic tasks to which Unten then asks Alpha what they should do, Alpha explains that there is more to the Prison than either Skeletrax knows or the Guards are letting on, Unten confused by this snaps back into reality where Skeletrax has gotten to announcing their plan in which he describes in detail how the crew will provide a cover of smoke and weapon fire on the gate allowing for a small group to sneak into the Gate, knock out the guards and open the gate. Skeletrax then turns to Unten and in a rather loud call to arms, he announces that Unten will help lead this overturn of power. Skeletrax pulls Unten's arm into the air as Unten, still somewhat dazed from talking to Alpha shows a combination of confusion and determination to the crew.

As Unten follows Skeletrax back to the meeting room, Skeletrax explains that once Unten's ready to attack the reactor room to notify Skeletrax as then he can devise a plan to get Unten out. Unten confused by what Skeletrax means, is reassured that as long as he can shut down the reactor he'll be fine. Unsure about Skeletrax's plan Unten hesistantly agrees and prepares for his departure. Soon afterwards, Unten notifies Skeletrax that he's going to shut down the Reactor to which Skeletrax excitedly announces that they can use one of his ship's weapons to get Unten in, a bit confused by this Unten asks Skeletrax what he means to which Skeletrax states that over his time living for "something like an eternity" he's come to realize how simple the reconstruction at the atomic level is and has been able to pass some of that information onto his crewmates, Skeletrax then walks Unten back out to the courtyard area where Unten sees that Skeletrax has converted one of the Cell Blocks into a Cannon. Confused by why Skeletrax doesn't just convert the Reactor Room walls into something else, he states that when he said he knew how to reconstruct objects at the atomic level he was only telling half the truth, Skeletrax continues, stating that he knows how to reconstruct objects at the atomic level but only into cannons to which he explains that the walls of the Reactor Room were according to his crew, made out of an organic substance which is terrible for converting into a cannon as it tends to spontaneously combust. Unten after hearing Skeletrax's explanation gets into the Cannon and prepares for either imminent death or success. From outside he can hear Skeletrax counting down and suddenly a red-hot burning sensation on his feet as Unten is launched into the air by the cannon, luckily for the Beorn, Skeletrax had lined up the cannon in just the right angle that he shot through the energy force field on one of the upper levels and crashed right into one of the guards destroying it.

Unten quickly unleashes a fury of attacks on the other guards alerting the entire Reactor Building to go into lockdown, Alpha quickly tells Unten to hide in the vents as he's detecting a powerful guard in the nearby area. Unten quickly darts into the vent to avoid any further detection to which he watches as a large multi-coloured Guard with a floating spherical head walks in followed by a pair of Fanten Robots. Unten asks Alpha about the Fanten Robots to which Alpha explains that there's a lot of restricted files around the Fanten Robots which he believes means that they were created differently from other guards, Alpha explains that all he knows about Fanten Robots is they usually are sent in as a sort of clean-up robot where they will hunt out and kill any escapees. The large Multi-Coloured Guard then kneels down in front of one of the destroyed guards and places its large blade arm on the parts absorbing them into its body, Unten surprised by this asks Alpha what's going, Alpha also surprised by this ability searches his memory files and recalls that he remembers they were working on a new update for Alpha Nanomachines that allowed authorized guards such as the one before them to absorb the material from other guards to sustain themselves. Alpha then remembers that the large guard is called a Mineral as they were originally used in the construction phase of Luxmors Bastion and were repurposed later. The Mineral then signals to the Fantens to head out of the room as they leave, Unten begins climbing up the vent to continue on his mission.

Unten gets into contact with Skeletrax who informs Unten that his disruption in the Reactor Building has set off the security within and around it so Skeletrax will be unable to send in additional units to help Unten. He tells Unten that to reach the main reactor Unten will need to shut down the auxillary reactor which is powering the automated defences around the main reactor, Skeletrax updates Unten's map and wishes him good luck although is suddenly cut off by gun fire. Unten navigates his way through te vents and comes across another two Fanten Robots patrolling the area, Alpha asks Unten to get a look at the Fantens so he can scan them, Unten patiently watches the Fantens who appear to be checking their power supplies, suddenly however one of the Fantens opens up its arm to reveal small blue pods inside, Alpha tells Unten to stay calm as there's something odd about thw pods. The Fanten places the Pod down causing it to shake a few times before opening up into a small robotic worm. The worm quickly scurries away as Alpha finishes his scan of the Fantens. Unten asks Alpha what the worm was to which Alpha tells Unten that they're a drone called Fanten Worms which serve two functions; Search small locations and disable nanomachines. Unten surprised by Alpha's description asks how to deal with them, to which Alpha explains that their built so that hopefully they can call more of themselves or bigger guards to help and aren't very durable stating that Unten could probably break one with his fists. Unten sighs with relief at the simplicity of thye Worms and continues sneaking around the Reactor Building.

Progressing through te vents Unten soon runs into Fanten Worms although thankfully eliminates them before they alert the guards, soon te beorn reaches what Skeletrax had defined as the Auxillary Reactor, jumping out of the vents, Unten finds himself near a large Black Crystal to which Alpha tells Unten not to touch it as it's highly reactive and instead indicates towards a pair of gauntlets on a nearby table which he tells Unten he believes are Graviton Gauntlets, a technology the researchers had been experimenting with for a long time, Unten asks Alpha who he means by the scientists to which Alpha tells Unten to use the gauntlets to move the crystal out of the reactor while he explains.

As Unten is moving the crystal, Alpha tells Unten about the Scientists, Alpha explains how the Scientists are a group of individuals who worked long ago when Luxmors Bastion was still just a concept stating that they had this brilliant idea in which they would create a fair and just law system that would handle criminals, unemotionally and fairly and that their reasons were just if albeit unfavoured by others. The Scientists were what started the Luxmors Bastion, it was their ingenuity, something that even the heads of Luxmors Bastion today lack, that created the prison for its original purpose. Unten confused by this asks what Alpha means to which Alpha explains that Luxmors Bastion was never intended to hold prisoners for extended periods of time in the bleakness of the Bastion but instead was intended to rehabilitate indiviudals. However of course, the Scientists had fatally miscalculated the lack of ethics the guards possessed who quickly overturned the scientists in their efforts and took over. Unten then questioned what happened to the scientists to which Alpha says that even with his knowledge of the history of Luxmors Bastion he simply doesn't know, if there was information about them it would be held by the Head Guards. Unten finishes moving the crystal and places it into a pod as instructed by Alpha causing the crystal to slowly dissolves into a dust.

As the Crystal finishes dissolving the large tubes connected to the room shut down causing the room's light to turn off. Suddenly however an alarm goes off causing Fantens to rush towards the room, with no way to properly battle the Fantens, Alpha instructs Unten to run back into the vent, Unten quickly rushes into the vent to hide away and quickly crawls to seemingly safety. After reaching a safe distance from the auxillary reactor room, Unten takes a breather, however suddenly a metal arm bursts through the vent he is in and grabs Unten's leg pulling him and part of the vent down. Unten crashes to the ground and looks up to see a trio of Fanten robots staring at him, Unten pulls up his weapon to fight the Fanten Robots however the one directly in front of him takes the shot at point blank without any damage, the Fanten then pulls the weapon away from Unten and throws it to another Fanten who breaks it by crushing the weapon. The Fanten then raises its claws ready to strike Unten through the head, however Unten holds his arms above his head and Alpha quickly reacts and expends the energy of several Nanomachines to release a burst of energy deflecting the attack, completely disintegrating the Fanten's arms causing it into a state of shock step back. Unten opens his eyes realizing he's not dead and asks Alpha what happened to which Alpha instructs Unten to stand up quickly to which Unten does and to charge directly at one of the Fanten's. Unten obliges and right before hitting the Fanten Alpha lets loose a burst of Nanomachines that generates an blast field around Unten obliterating the head off the Fanten in his path causing the body to topple to the ground. The other two Fantens quickly stagger and look at each other before nodding at each other to charge at Unten from both directions. Unten quickly grabs the arm of the Fanten and uses it to cut through both Fanten's destroying them. Unten then tears off the arm and asks Alpha why they'd make the claws on a Fanten strong enough to break another Unten, to which Alpha explains that to prevent glitches in their systems all guards are equipped with quick-use weapons to destroy each other. Alpha is cut off however by the sound of footsteps of more Fanten's causing Unten to flee to a nearby side room.

Hiding in this room, Unten opens up his map and Alpha notes that they'll have to sneak past the patrols on foot using the rooms to hide. However Unten hears footsteps coming towards the room and hides behind one of the large shelves in the room, as the Fantens enter he notices that the lights outside the room have shutdown causing the Fantens to emit light from their eyes allowing Unten to properly see their field of vision. Unten then progressively sneaks around the Fantens in the room and escapes continuing through the hallway, hiding from each patrol group and navigating through the maze of corridors to reach the main generator room. Soon Unten comes to a large pair of doors, about the size of a bus in width as well as a door on the left of these two doors, Alpha remarks that the map indicates that the Main Generator is inside and Unten heads inside through the small door into a huge circular room filled with computers and with various guards scattered about.

Slowly sneaking around the room, Unten sees a large control panel on the back wall and by navigating past the guards soon reachs said control panel. Alpha inspects the control panel and tells Unten that the control panel is guarded by six locks, Unten looks around and notices that six wires are connected to the control panel and are connected to six pillars generating rings of electricity, Unten asks Alpha what the pillars are to which Alpha explains that they're Tesla Pillars, they harness the electricity overcharge from the generators and store them for generator failures. Unten looks over the Tesla Pillars and notices that the Fantens operating them are being electrocuted and notes that he can't disable them otherwise he'll get electrocuted to which Alpha pauses to think and quickly comes up with a solution, he tells Unten to punch the Fantens operating the Tesla Pillars through the neck as it's the weakest point on their body and then by draining the nanomachines from the Fantens Alpha can redirect them into the Tesla Pillars and override them. Unten then navigates his way around the room to the first Tesla Pillar.

Reaching the first Tesla Pillar, Unten finds that the Fanten using it is integrated into the Tesla Pillar making it unable ot detect Unten, sneaking up behind the Fanten, Unten raises his fist, ready to strike. However Unten pauses to which Alpha asks why he's hestitating, to which Unten questions Alpha as to if he's sure it will work to which Alpha tells Unten that it may look like metal but it's a lot weaker than metal. Unten still unsure, clenches his fist and closes his eyes and he punches into the back of the Fanten's neck, incredibly completely punching through the robots circuits and metal plating as though his hand melted through the body. Unten quickly pulls his arm out of the Fanten's neck in shock as the robot collapses to the ground. Unten then asks Alpha what to do to which Alpha tells Unten they'll need to directly sync Alpha with the Fanten's Nano Machines and asks Unten to press his palm against the Fanten Robot. As soon as he does so however the metal of the Fanten Robot begins to morph around Unten's arm, Unten pulls away in fear to which Alpha tells Unten that he needs to stay still and that the Fanten's Nano Machines are just manipulating the robot's body due to Alpha's commands. Unten presses his palm against the Fanten again and the robot's body morphs into a large metallic sphere which is surprisingly light for Unten, Unten lifts the sphere up to the Tesla Pillar and aims it directly at the pillar as a small stream of energy shoots out of the sphere's center as the controlled nanomachines override the first Tesla Pillar, the metallic sphere shrinks until it is completely erased as all the Nanomachines had entered the Tesla Pillar. Unten watches a small repeater on the Tesla Pillar slows down and soon ceases flickering indicating that the Tesla Pillar was overriden. Alpha then instructs Unten that they'll need to move onto the next Tesla Pillar.

Vitae's Storyline


Main Characters

Character Appearance & Name Description

Unten LB New


The supposed last Beorn, Unten was charged with theft of the Crown Jewels of the 4D Cube. An event that has yet to happen, Unten confused by his sudden arrest tries to find out who exactly the head of the Luxmors Prison Force is and a way to destroy them from the inside out.

Zerita LB


Zerita was arrested after attempting to prevent an unrelated arrest and injured one of the Commanding Officers of the Luxmors Prison Force. She became a test subject for a new program the LPF had involving Bio-Mechanical Security.



Vitae was a Fanten Robot that was instructed like any other Fanten to arrest regardless of whether an event occurs or not. Vitae however had been nearly destroyed on one of his missions and was rebuilt with his obedience changed to free will. Vitae realizing the corruption that has spread throughout the system of the Luxmors Prison Force attempts to stop it by returning to the Prison Planet and destroying the cuase of the aggression by the LPF.



Ultionem is the apparent head of the Luxmors Prison Force, while his creator is unknown or presumed dead, he leads over the other commanding officers and is sometimes referred to as the Blue Warden. He has a striking resemblance to Unten possibly indicating his origin?



The Undead Space Pirate with Dimensional Neon running through his bones. Skeletrax is thought to be unkillable although dismantling him is very easy. estimated to be nearly a billion years old, Skeletrax is dubious in nature and while caring to those who he regards as friends he can be tricky and relentless to those he wishes harm upon. It's uncertain who his allegiance lies to if anyone but one thing's for certain is that he's a master of sword fighting.

The Virus

The Virus

The physical manifestation of a virus created to attempt to destroy the LPF, the Virus evolved beyond its basic instructions and instead of destroying the LPF became its puppet master using it to create the perfect set up to destroy the universe. The Virus originates from an unknown individual and was purposely made to continuously evolve to combat the incredibly advanced defence system of the LPF.


Enemies come in two variaties, Small and Large. Small Enemies are common grunts that appear frequently and act as the basic guards and various Prisoner Management jobs. Large Enemies however are the Head Guards of each area and pose a threat by being generally larger than the small enemies as well as possessing a variety of more powerful weapons.

Small Enemies

Large Enemies


Throughout Luxmors Bastion the player as either Unten, Vitae, Zerita, Skeletrax or Fanten will come across the many defences of the LPF in an attempt to stop the player's progress. Bosses mainly consist of the Commanding Officers such as Mortem & Plaga, each one controlling one of the Manual Overrides in Unten's story and one of the EMP Walls in Vitae's Story. By defeating the Commanding Officer (or destroying them depending on whose story you play second) the player can regain control of that area of the Prison Planet. In doing so most enemies will become harmless unless provoked excluding Large Enemies.


Throughout Luxmors Bastion, Unten and Vitae will come across a variety of weapons used by the guards that they can use. Weapons come with various effects that can impact what sorts of enemies they're effective against.

Weapon Type Variations

Hand Cannons

Hand Cannon

  • Regular
  • Chaining Shots
  • Heavy Shots

Plasma Net Launchers

Plasma Net Launcher

  • Regular
  • Plasma Drainer
  • Oxidizing Net
Dual Pistols
  • Regular
  • Viral Bullets
  • Tesla Bullets
Plasma Sniper Rifle
  • Regular
  • Burning Shots
  • Stunning Shots
System Scrambler Gun
  • Regular
  • Rage Inducer
  • Ally Trickster
Plasma Rifle & Shield
  • Regular
  • Burning Shots
  • Stunning Shots
Resonance Blaster
  • Regular
  • Quaker
  • Flare Burst
Arm Cannon
  • Regular
  • EMP Surge
  • Bomber
  • Regular
  • Oxidizing Bullets
  • Freezing Capsules
Plasma Cannon
  • Regular
  • EMP Burst
  • Black-Out


  • Skeletrax is a reference to a game called Neonplex, developed by Darklight Studios that featured Neon beings that glowed various colours, Skeletrax isn't part of the same species however
  • The Virus is the only Main Character that wasn't revealed prior to the game's creation
  • The liquid inside the weapons Unten and enemies use is called Liquid Sun and supposedly is made from Black Dwarfs
  • There is a heavy implication throughout the game that this isn't just about a corrupt AI but rather Unten confronting his past and the decisions he's made, this is most noticeable in the boss designs which take inspiration from various characters in previous installments, the only exceptions being Iram and Quimetit
    • Iram is based on Unten's somewhat forced violence and how he deals with the ever growing number effected by his mere presence
    • Quimetit represents Unten's fundamental fear of death, Quimetit is the only boss that no matter who you play as will always be destroyed by Vitae, should Vitae have already killed Quimetit, Unten will face a spectral Quimetit that fights exactly like Quimetit although is somewhat transparent making it harder to see his warnings for attacks