Luxendarc Warriors is a hack-and-slash spinoff to the Bravely series developed by Square Enix and Koei Tecmo, with assistance by Pyro Enterprises. It combines elements from the Dynasty Warriors franchise with that of Bravely Default and its sequel, aiming to make the game more of a strategic affair than past Dynasty Warriors spin-offs.


Gameplay is a similar style to that of the original Dynasty Warriors series. Players navigate across the battlefield in the midst of a war between two factions, with the players siding with one faction as a more powerful unit called a Warrior. The goal varies from mission to mission, though it is usually capture of an enemy fortress or defeat of an enemy Warrior, or in chapters set inside Crystalist Temples, Monstrosities.

The main defining features of the game are taken from Bravely Default and Bravely Second. As opposed to simply selecting one Warrior to play as, players construct a party of four unlocked Warriors, which can be switched between at will similarly to Hyrule Warriors: Legends. If a second player joins, they can also cycle through the Warriors freely, though two players cannot share a Warrior.

In addition to HP, MP, and Special meters, a new mechanic has been introduced in the form of BP, or Brave Points, based on the resource of the same name from the original game. While players may attack freely with basic strikes without using BP, powerful combo-ending strikes known as Brave Attacks require use of BP, which slowly regenerates. Players can once again go into negative BP by pressing the Brave Attack button in rapid succesion after a combo chain, or simply on its own, though negative BP now prevents attacking at all until BP reaches 0. Players can also accelerate BP gain by Defaulting, which acts as a short-lived block.

Additionally, players may use Magic Powers similarly to Brave Attacks, though these drain MP instead of BP, which does not regenerate, but can be increased with items. Not all characters possess access to Magic Powers, but can utilize them if they equip a badge from other Warriors, such as the "White Magic Lv. 1" badge.


When Warriors level up, they not only unlock new moves, but also Badges. Badges act as a replacement for Bravely Default's support abilities, and have a similar method of being equipped as the support abilities. Unlike their predecessors, however, Badges can be equipped to any Warrior once they are unlocked, enabling players to craft advanced strategies by leveling up certain Warriors to gain Badges that would better benefit another Warrior.


Brave Mode

Brave Mode acts as a traditional story mode, with players following a set plot across the land of Luxendarc. Missions in Brave Mode are preset, with a forced party of Warriors for every level. Badges can still be customized.

Default Mode

Default Mode has the same missions as Brave Mode, but has fewer limitations, as parties can be freely switched around and changed in Default Mode. However, unlocking a mission in Default Mode means it must be cleared in Brave Mode.

Free-For-All Mode

Free-For-All Mode lacks the same mission structure as Brave and Default Mode, and is more or less a challenge mode akin to Hyrule Warriors's Adventure Mode. Players can either go through premade missions, or missions created by people over the internet.

Playable Warriors

Playable Characters
Tiz Arrior Agnes Oblige Edea Lee Ringabel Barras Lehr
"I'll save this world, no matter what the cost!" "O Holy Light, guide me through this darkened age!" "Mrgrgr... Whoever's behind this will PAY!" "A damsel in distress? This calls for me!" "HAHAHAHA! No one can beat these muscles!"
Broadsword Magic Rod Katana Skystone Iron Knuckles
Holly Whyte Ominas Crowe Argent Heinkel Jackal Erutus Profiteur
"Great, more enemies? Give me a break..." "B-b-b-burn, weaklings! Nothing can withstand by f-f-f-fire!" "I'll protect this world- for both the people and the duchy!" "C'mon, guys! I need a little help here!" "Time to put zis newly-earned money to some good use!"
Healing Staff Fire Rod Sword & Shield Thief's Dagger Money Cane
Ciggma Khint Eloch Quentis Khamer VIII Artemia Venus Mephilia Venus Einheria Venus
"You should learn your place in this world." "After this war is won, they'll definitely make me their king again!" "Artemia hunt all enemy. Artemia ready!" "Monsters from the otherworld, attack!" "Don't worry, Edea. We'll see this war won."
Rune Blade Time Scepter Hunter's Bow Summon Rod Javelin
Fiore DeRosa Qada Praline a la Mode Hayreddin Barbarossa Konoe Kikyo
"Let's have a little fun, shall we?" "The duchy can FALL for all I care! Come forth, minions!" "Oh... why won't you like my singing?" "When was me last great challenge? I'll swab the deck with ye!" "... ..."
Thunder Blade Toxic Tonic Microphone Great Axe Twin Kunai
Nobutsuna Kamiizumi Victoria F. Stein Victor S. Court Braev Lee Alternis Dim
"Black and white have clashed again. And this might be their greatest fight yet..." "Puny monsters! I'll have a great time destroying you..." "If you lay a single hand on Victoria, you'll never see daylight ever again!" "As leader of the Eternian duchy, I won't let you pass!" "Lord Marshal, let me handle this one."
Giant Katana Dark Rod Holy Cross Radiant Blade Dark Bane
Lester DeRosso Sage Yulyana
"It's been 2,000 years since I fought a challenge like this..." "Hoho! Come on, now, I'm just a frail old man!"
Vampire Genes Oak Staff


Chapter 1

  • Battlefield: Caldislan Fields
  • Playable Warriors: Tiz, Agnes
  • Enemy Warriors: None
  • Monstrosities: None

Chapter 2

  • Battlefield: Lontano Villa
  • Playable Warriors: Tiz, Agnes, Edea, Ringabel
  • Enemy Warriors: Heinkel
  • Monstrosities: None

Chapter 3

  • Battlefield: Harena Desert
  • Playable Warriors: Jackal
  • Enemy Warriors: Khint
  • Monstrosities: None

Chapter 4

  • Battlefield: Temple of Wind
  • Playable Warriors: Jackal, Khint
  • Enemy Warriors: None
  • Monstrosities: Orthros

Chapter 5

  • Battlefield: Witherwood
  • Playable Warriors: Einheria
  • Enemy Warriors: DeRosa, Edea
  • Monstrosities: None

Chapter 6

  • Battlefield: Twilight Ruins
  • Playable Characters: Einheria, Edea
  • Enemy Warriors: Airy
  • Monstrosities: None

Chapter 7

  • Battlefield: Temple of Water
  • Playable Characters: Einheria, Edea, Agnes
  • Enemy Warriors: None
  • Monstrosities: Rusalka

Chapter 8

  • Battlefield: Grand Mill Works
  • Playable Characters: Tiz, Jackal, Khint
  • Enemy Warriors: Profiteur, Khint
  • Monstrosities: None

Chapter 9

  • Battlefield: Eisen Crags
  • Playable Character: Ringabel, Barras
  • Enemy Warriors: Praline, Barbarossa
  • Monstrosities: None


  • Caldislan Fields
  • Lontano Villa
  • Harena Desert
  • Temple of Wind
  • Grand Mill Works
  • Florem Gardens
  • Witherwood
  • Twilight Ruins
  • Temple of Water
  • Eisen Crags
  • Starkfort
  • Mythril Mines
  • Temple of Fire
  • Eternian Tundra
  • Eternian Central Command
  • Everlast Tower
  • Vamapire Castle
  • Grandship
  • Dark Aurora


  • Bringer of Doom, Orthros
  • Purveyor of Doom, Rusalka
  • Mark of Doom, Chaugmar
  • Propagator of Doom, Gigas Lich
  • Piercer of Boundaries, Airy
  • Gid of Destruction, Ouroboros

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