Flag of Lutetia
Capital City Excalibur City
Largest City Fimbulvetr Hills
Language(s) English, Korean & Welsh
Leader(s) President Lute
Government Republic
Population 152,700
Currency Lutetian Dollar (LUD)
Drives on the Left
Measuring System Metric
Date Format DD/MM/YYYY
Abbreviation LU
Included Environment(s)

The Democratic Republic of Lutetia or Lutetia is a small nation located on the main island of Vesinia, where it shares the land with Nataliana, an overseas territory of Illusia.

Lutetia has a strong history of arcane research and has a strong focus on science. Prestigious schools are located throughout the country, and the next generation of Lutetians are always studying hard to improve the country's reputation.

Despite their leader President Lute being a very outspoken and confident individual, her tactical prowess and unrivalled intelligence make her a very popular figure among most of the populous. Lutetia is a rather isolated nation, but it has good ties with nations such as Illusia, Ratchetland, Eeria and Candyfornia, with whom there have been recent talks of an international alliance.


Lutetia has always been a pioneer in science; with a focus on chemistry and the occasional biological labs. Excalibur City is a melting pot of various scientists and researchers, constantly looking to better the country's environment and technological endeavours.

Media does not have a very strong focus in Lutetia, but documentaries and reality TV are very popular among fans of television.


The three languages of Lutetia are seen and practised as equal among the population, but English is mostly only used for international affairs. Korean language media is a very dominant force; while Welsh is used officially in Parliament and official documents.


Lutetia is a Democratic Republic; but the President sees no need for an understudy, therefore there is no position of Prime Minister, and she is the sole representation of the country's Parliament.

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