The Lurker Ivy is the second boss of Jak and Daxter: The Precursor Legacy VII. It is found in the Toadstool Caves. The Lurker Ivy is an enormous green growth with many tentacle roots, but most noticeable of all is its horrendously large and gaping mouth. Instead of water, Dark Eco sustains it.


The Lurker Ivy lashes out at Jak and Daxter using its tentacle roots, but fortunately you can see them coming so you'll know which way to run. It also shoots spores that explode like bombs out of its mouth. Red Eco is this boss' worst nightmare, as it is known to burn away twisted growths like itself. Fortunately, there are a few vents of it in the area- but the Lurker Ivy often throws down an enormous root to block the way to a vent. When this happens, you can usually just go around to the vent on the other side. When you're powered up with Red Eco, you can use it to hurt the Lurker Ivy by burning away at it. After taking a few hits like this, the Lurker Ivy will make sure to block off the vent on both ends. When this happens, pay close attention to the bomb spores it fires out of its mouth. Try and get one that leaves behind a Blue Eco charge, and then use it on a Precursor Launcher. Use the launcher to jump over the blockade and onto the Red Eco, but don't fall into the huge mouth after the jump. After a series of attacks with Red Eco in this fashion, you'll have the boss beaten. A Power Cell is awarded.

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