The Lurker Crab is the first boss of Jak and Daxter: The Precursor Legacy VII. It is fought at Sandover Coast. The boss resembles an enormous fiddler crab, but it is colored purple and protected by a rock-hard shell. Two eyes can be seen peeking out from underneath.


Most of the time, it'll slash at Jak and Daxter with its long, skinny claw. However, it also can slam down its huge, fat claw like a hammer, so watch out for that as well. When it slams down this huge claw, hop up on top of it and then from there hop on top of the shell. Do a ground pound and it'll flip the boss over, sending it sprawling and doing a bit of damage. After this first hit, the crab will use a new move where its eyes glow blue and it shoots a homing electric sphere. This is pretty easy to avoid. After the second hit, it uses its best attack- an electrical forcefield which makes it impossible to harm. In order to get rid of the electric forcefield, you have to get one of the shocking spheres to follow you so that it hits the Lurker Crab instead. This will get rid of the forcefield and allow you to flip the boss the final time and finish it off for a Power Cell.

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