Lunes the Cat
Lunes' new artwork.
Current Age 12
Date of Birth December 24, 2000
Zodiac Sign Capricorn
Gender Male
Species Cat
Location Moonfrost Town
Current Status Alive

Mike the Robot

Moon Sages

Main Weapon(s) Claws

Costume Weapons

Ability/ies Ability to change costumes
Voice Actor(s)
Debi Derryberry

Masako Nozawa

First Appearance Costume Hero
Latest Appearance Costume Hero: The Nine Nymphs
Lunes (pronounced LOONZ) the Cat is the main protagonist of the Costume Hero series and the official mascot of Blecki Hearts. Lunes was just a ordinary cat who lived in a snowy town called Moonfrost Town, until his town was attacked by strange creatures. Lunes suddenly meets a moon shaped creature named Chedzire, who tells Lunes that he is the one of the chosen ones who can defeat the evil group. Lunes was a bit puzzled at first, but is willing to see new worlds that await him. Chedzire then cast a spell on him, not only allowing him to spit out stars, but allowing him to change into different costumes when ever he needs to.


Lunes can be very curious, especially on his first adventure. After his first quest, Lunes became very adventurous, although he still gets confused at times. Lunes can be very timid at times, especially in spooky-like areas. 


Lunes has red fur, and has a blue star around his eye. He wears a yellow scarf, a white sweater (that covers the bottom of his body except for his shoes) with a yellow star as a decal. He wears white boots that look similar to the Mario Bros.


Costume Hero

Lunes appears as the main protagonist of the game. He can only be controlled by Player 1. 

Fantendo Lords

Lunes appears as a playable character in the game. He is an Ice type character.

Fantendo Quest

Lunes appears in the game Fantendo Quest as a Fighting character with his special move being Samurai Lunes.

Fantendo Riders: Boost

Lunes appears in Fantendo Riders: Boost as a starter Character.

Character Image Type Gear Attacks Special Tricks
Lunes the Cat Lunes FRB Speed Red Star Trout

Lv. 1: Snowman Ball Toss

Lv. 2: Ninja Suprize

Lv. 3: Samurai Sword Flail

Sleepy Time

Fish Smack

Costume Changer

Claw Dance

Yarn Toss

1000 Nights

The game follows Lunes as he tries to escape his nightmares.



  • The "lune" in Lunes's name means "moon" in French.
  • His birth date is on Monday, which is funny because "Lunes" means Monday in Spanish.
  • Lunes' english voice actor, Debi Derryberry, also played as the titular characters Jimmy Neutron and Zatch Bell.
    • Masako Nozawa, Lunes' japanese voice actor, also plays as Goku from the Dragon Ball series. She also played as the titular character Astro Boy.