Hello and welcome to the uSoft Offical Magazine main headquarters. Me name's Usernamer2. The only member of uSoft, mate. Really, it's me. Ok. So now look at the issues we've got.

Sep./ Oct. Issue




Upcoming Games

Hello and welcome to this edition of...Upcoming Games! Now, for this month's game:

Super Mario Duo Brawl & ¼ and ♫ III !

First off, Summaries. These games are both due out in 2013 for the Wii U. Also, the last one is an exlusive opening. So now that we know two games, one year, and the even started development a few weeks away from each other! Ok, first up... Super Mario Duo Brawl!

In Super Mario Duo Brawl, like Super Smash Bros., you try to ram your oppontents of the stage or into in a hazard that flings them off the stage. Other things like SSB...

  • Damage Meters
  • Classic & Adventure Modes
  • Unlcokable Characters

...but unlike SSB...

  • Damage Meter goes from 0.001 to 99.999
  • Another mode, Classic Arcade Mode
  • Super-Special Secret Characters

Stuff About Games

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