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Lunala artwork for Pokémon Sun and Moon.
Category Moone Pokémon
Original Region Alola
Type(s) Psychic/Ghost
Ability/ies Shadow Shield
Average Height 13'01"
Average Weight 264.6 lbs.
Evolves From N/A
Evolves Into N/A

Lunala, known in Japan as ルナアーラ (Lunaala) is a Legendary Pokémon of the Psychic/Ghost-type from Alola, and represents the sun. Its counterpart is Solgaleo.

It is the mascot Pokémon for Pokémon Moon and is able to enter the Full Moon phase.


Lunala is a white, chiropteran Pokémon with a head and a pair of large wings, both shaped like crescent moons. It has a pointy nose, and a dark purple, visor-like area with fuchsia eyes. A symbol resembling an eye also appears on its forehead when it attacks. Its head, wings and tail are endowed with a golden rim, and four points of its wings are endowed with a golden star. Its arms and chest are almost skeletal, and its wing's undersides are colored an indigo purple. A radiant blue light is seen on its chest too.

Lunala has been honored as an emissary of the moon since ancient times. It has been respectfully known as "the beast that calls the moon". Lunala is able to absorb surrounding light by spreading its wings, and resembles a beautiful night sky when doing so, glittering in the process.

When entering the Full Moon phase, Lunala will spread its wings in a way so it resembles a circle (like a full moon). Its indigo purple parts become a bright light blue and its golden parts emit a yellow light.



Lunala is based on a bat with a moon motif

Name Origin

Lunala comes from luna and ala, both Latin for moon and wing, respectively.

Names in other Languages

Language Name Meaning
From luna and ala


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