FlagzSoup Lumoshiland
The Flags of Lumoshiland, bottom made by Trucky (tbc)
Capital City Capital City
Largest City Capital City
Language(s) English, Lumoshian
National Anthem
Dvorak, Symphony 4, 4th movement
Government Democracy
Population 342,892,325
Currency Federal Lumoshian Notes
Drives on the right
Abbreviation LL
Included Environment(s)
Mountainous, Partly Tropical
Lumoshiland, officially the Socialist Republic of Lumoshiland, known locally as Repsoblík Lumoshiland Oscializa is a country in Osiris, located on Lumilia. It consists of twelve states and a capital district. It is one of the largest countries in Osiris. Its leader, Lumoshi, has been compared to leaders such as George Washington or Abraham Lincoln, and at other times has been compared to Mao Zedong, Joseph Stalin, and Kim-Jong Un. He leads a political party known as Lumonism.




The economy is run on socialism. The government redistributes a large portion of wealth to the poor. The system has been criticized by many capitalists.


Before 2015

Formerly, the government does not feature a large system of checks and balances. It could be seen as a hierarchy, with President Lumoshi located on the very top. Beneath him were the Congress, a group of about two hundred who vote on laws. Then, the Council of Thirteen represented the jurisdictions of the land and review the decisions the congress has made. The president could approve or disprove the laws from there. If the president was somehow incapacitated and made unable to serve, then the country would vote on a member of the Council of Thirteen to take their place.

2015 to present

In early 2015, President Lumoshi began to form a coup with a small party known as the Kraseviks in order to overthrow the Council of Thirteen, who Lumoshi thought were planning to assassinate him. His suspicions were correct, as an attempt to fire a hand-grenade at him during a speech was made.

Lumoshi deposed the Council of Thirteen on March 19, 2015, a move called illegal by many. Lumoshi then proceeded to tear the constitution into pieces and wrote his own new constitution. By this time, the Kraseviks had grown into a significantly larger force who served Lumoshi and put down any opposition. Lumoshi then enacted a socialist government, with him as the Supreme Chancellor.


Lumoshiland is number four.

Lumoshiland is located in the northern hemisphere of the land. It is one of the largest countries in Isis. Despite that, it shares few borders with the sea, being nearly landlocked. Due to its location left of the prime meridian, it has time zones ranging from UTC-5 to UTC-3.



Lumoshiland's topography.

Lumoshiland is quite mountainous, although along the coastlines it is pretty flat.


The majority of Lumoshians speak English, although some speak languages of nearby countries.


Lumoshiland uses the Fahrenheit scale to measure temperature. It has a climate that varies heavily between the year, getting very cold in winter but extremely hot in summer. These temperatures are the average of samples recorded from eight different cities.

Month Average High Average Low Record High Record Low Precipitation
January 36 18 45 -25
February 49 34 63 -14
March 65 44 82 19
April 79 58 93 42
May 93 70 102 54
June 103 75 111 61
July 106 77 115 63
August 105 76 113 60
September 90 69 103 55
October 74 55 90 39
November 58 39 77 18
December 39 20 55 -14
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