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Lumalee (recolor)

The Lumoshi Footwear Collection is a brand of shoes produced by Comet Gaming, Inc.'s C.E.O. Lumoshi (tbc). They are the official shoes of Lumoshiland. Even the president wears them!


Comet Runners

This will be the first shoe that Lumoshi Footwear Collection will release. It's slated for distribution to the general public sometime in late fall of 2015. The intent of the Comet Runners is to provide boosts to running, and its new design helps to speed runners up. They come in three different colors: astro black, star blue, and comet white. Their price will range from $70 to $90.

Comet Slippers

Comet Slippers are comfortable slippers decorated with images of Star Bits. They encompass the entire foot. They are planned for a release to the public in early 2016. They will come in the same colors as the Comet Runners. Their price will range from $30 to $40.

Comet Runners X2

These will be an upgraded version of the Comet Runners, allowing more comfort while exercising. The X2 part of the shoe's name comes from the fact that the company decided to double the price of the Comet Runners to make this one, ranging from $140 to $180, depending on the retailer. They will be sold in early 2016.


These shoes are transparent. It's advised to not wear socks with these. They will be released in late 2016 and will cost around $40. In terms of quality, they are similar to the Comet Runners.

Comet Heels

The first in LFC's separate line of ladies' footwear. These have all the quality of Comet Runners, but they can also work as high heels for formal events, such as dinners, weddings, church, and more. They can be used for athletic purposes, as well. They will cost approximately $60 and will be sold in 2016.

Halley's Choice

These are to be released in late 2017 and serve as a brand new remodeling of the 2015 Commet Runners and Comet Runners X2. According to Lumoshi Footwear Collection, they allow the wearer to travel to a distance of 34.08 au (astronomical units) from the Earth (and back) in a period of only 75.316 years. They are named for Edmond Halley, an English astronomer credited with calculating the orbital period of Halley's comet.