Chapter 1

One day, Lumoshi was listening to Dvorak music, looking at unfunny memes. He discovered a new Dvorak song that he had never listened to, when a glowing purple sphere appeared in his room. Lumoshi put his finger in the sphere and he got transported to another world.

He was transported to KORRA LAND. Lumoshi woke up from his unconscious rest and saw his senpai, Korra. Lumoshi walked up to Korra and said, "COME TO ME SENPAI" Korra then attempted to murder Lumoshi because she thought he was evil and used her EVERYTHING BENDING powers on him. Lumoshi was ded but then Aang came and fired a Kamehameha at Korra and then used his life bending powers on Lumoshi to bring him back to life. Lumoshi then punched Aang in the face and Lumoshi attempted to kiss Koora on the lips but then Dvorak came and made out with Lumoshi Lumoshi went Super Sayin and murdered Dvorak but then Lumoshi murdered Korra's boyfriend AAAAng because he hoped senpai would notice him.

Korra said "NOOO u kild my boyfreind AAng u will die nao Korra used her Lumoshi-bending powers and bent Lumoshi. then Avatar world cops came and suddenly Lumoshi was on trial for AAngs death Pheonix Wright was there and Dvorak Korra was there Pheonix Wright helped Lumoshi win but Lumoshi lost and he was arrested for life

what senpai really looks like

kOOra cmae to the prison and tried to git LOOMOSHY out because she suddenly thought lumoshi was hot Lumoshi thought senpai had noticed him but in realtiy senpai was also in prison

but senpai was hiding in a corner and dying because no one noticed her because senpais senpai will enver notice her Korra rescued lumoshi and made out with him but bad ppl came and licked korra lumoshi said that he only licks korra and murdered them TEH END OF CHAPTER 1

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