Lumoshi by Doh Windless
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Lumalee (recolor)
Lumoshi's Cookies (series)
Developer(s) CometGaming
Publisher(s) CometGaming
Genre(s) Varies
First Game Lumoshi's Cookies
Most Recent Game Lumoshi's Cookies: War
Nintendo Comet
Lumoshi's Cookies is a series of games made by Comet Gaming, Inc. about the interests of the CEO, Lumoshi.


The games that have started production as of March 25, 2015 feature four teams of four characters each in a competition to do something. Of course, it varies from title to title. To see more about which game is about what, click the images below! The first two games of the series take place in spring and summer 2015, respectively.

The series takes place in a land known as Travak, centering around the interests of Lumoshi (tbc), and gameplay typically is centered around the idea of four teams competing to finish a task or collaborating to do so. The player can pick one character or team to follow throughout the games.





As well as this in 2016...



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