Republic of Lumogonia
(Republique al Loomgonié)
Lumogonia location
Lumogonia in relation to its continent (in red).
Capital City Straire (pop. 133.475)
Largest City The same one at the top
Language(s) British English


Leader(s) Lumogo XIII
National Anthem
The Liberty Bell
Government Presidential republic
Population 27 million (as of 2014)
Currency Sole (S$)
Demonym Lumonian, Lumogonian
Measuring System Metric
Date Format DD/MM/YYYY (AD)
Abbreviation LG
Included Environment(s)
Republic of Lumogonia (formerly called Lumonia, also called Loomgonié in Lumogonish) is a country made out of 7 states. It is located at the south of the Dolenia continent.


The country's name comes from the name of the nation's very first leader, Lumogo I. And the name in Lumogonish translates to ''Our Light'' . However, the name was later changed to Lumogonia for reasons that have not been clarified, but it was changed by a descendant of the first leader, Lumogo II. But Lumogonia translates to ''Our Going Light'' in Lumogonish.


Lumogonia was founded as Lumonia in 1057, known for their kindness with the neighbor countries, there has been wars, but there is always peace. A king by the name of Lumogo I, was friendly and kind to its inhabitants. 


Lumo-Vannia War

The Lumo-Vannian War was a war that broke out in the mid 1200's when Lumogonia started to take the land from the natives again. The leader of Eveania, used her hair to hide her weapon in and stabbed Lumogo II in the face when he interrogated her. With the leader dead the war quickly stopped on its own.


Lumogonia is number 36 (it says its a territory of Marinia because the map isn't updated).


  • Lumogo I (1057-1124)
  • Lumogo II (1124-1258)
  • Queen Gabina I (1258-1302)
  • Lumogo III (1302-1399)
  • Queen Gabina II (1399-1438)



Lumogonia consists of 7 states.

Name Flag Abbr. Capital City Description
Weinz FlaggySarShire WZ Straire Weinz is the main state of Lumogonia.
Rifeki Vandeadel RF Edgesli TBA
Sponnio Destaat SP Steun TBA
Inlex Inlex IL Foeydi This state is famous by the beautiful colored cities, futuristic places and restaurants.
Aldigre Snewkan AG Jedist This state is famous by the rare Snow Volcano, which expels snow instead of lava.
Werits Werits WR Ledres TBA
Onverium Onverium OV Kolbasa This is state is known by the cultive of sausage, which is one of the most eaten foods in Lumogonia.



Foreign relations and international institutions


Lumogonia's government basically works as a presidential republic. 



Majority of the country (approximately 59%) speaks Lumogonish natively. The second most spoken language is British English being approximately 41% that speaks it natively. 

Basic phrases include:

  • Hello, my name is _. = Olli, mae néimie es _.
  • School rules. = Scuolli ralíes.


Modern art is one of the types of art in Lumogonia.


The most praticated sport in Lumogonia is football. The other most praticated sports are baseball and basketball.



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