Luma's Galactic Adventure is a spin-off title based on Super Mario Galaxy series. It's a Nintendo Wii U game developed by Comet Gaming, Inc.



Playable Lumas

Name Picture
Luma Luma
Polari Polari SMG
Lumalee* Lumalee by Tom
Cosmusic* Cosmusic 2
  • Asterisk (*) means DLC character.


Name Picture Ability
Pumpkoo Hauntedd luma Chase
Eviluma Eviluma SMG2.5 Chase/Hurt


Each Luma have a different special ability on the game. It's only possible to use when you obtain an Ability Medal.

Medal Name Medal Picture For Ability
Star Spin TBA Luma You're able to spin, causing damage to enemies.
Star 'n' Bit TBA Polari You can aim and throw a Star Bit to someone.
Glacial Magma TBA Lumalee You can attack enemies with fire and ice.
Paralyzer Note TBA Cosmusic You're able to paralyze an enemy with a simple note.

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