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The countries flag
Capital City Hound
Largest City Larce
Language(s) English
Leader(s) Luke Fornisveyt
Population ~64,716,000
Currency Luken Pounds
Measuring System Miles, Meters, Centimeters, Millimeters
Date Format DD/MM/YYYY
Abbreviation LK
Included Environment(s)
Deserts, few swamps.

The United Nation of Luken (or Luken) is a country located in the Middle East of Osiris, split across the continents of Sytiria and Azunia. Most of the country is desert, and has distinct parts of swampland. Being located near to the 


Luken, in relation to its continent

equator, the weather can raise quite high on a regular day, and is regularly humid in North Luken. The country is split into two halves, North and South.


Founding (Year 973)


Luken's original 7 colonies.

The country is declared by Roy Luken (at the age of 28) and named "Sevenes", because of it's seven colonies in Osiris. Roy Luken was frightened by the larger nations surrounding Sevenes, as his army only had 900 brave warriors. Roy's army was formed from a rebellion from Jakeistan.

Connection (Year 1001)

The country has now been under leadership from Roy for 28 more years, and the colonies have expanded. The northern colonies have connected and the southern colonies have been attatched to each other. The country now plans on invading more areas of land, that are under Arcadian control. Armies have expanded in Sevenes by 50%, and Roy is now thinking about renaming his country, and having his own military like Arcadia.

Renaming (Year 1008)

Roy is now 63 years old, and plans on using his last years to his advantage. He renames the country "Luken", and expects to begin colonising more areas in the next few years. Roy is considering making a building for the new rulership type, Presidency.

Attack from Arcadia (Year 1010)

Just as soon as Luken thought they could attack more of Arcadia, somehow they knew about Luken's plans, and began to attack the main Northern Luken area. The battle went on for weeks after they officially called peace and let Luken begin to expand it's country.

Death of Roy Luken (Year 1011)

President Luken has officially died, even though he should've had 7 more years of presidency. Before death, he called that there would be an election from 2 people. These people's names were Zalleber and Pabl. Pabl won the election, and called on more expansion, and let civilians in instead of only warriors.

Attack from Unknown Locals (Year 1038)

Two Presidencies later, the current President in 1038 decided to expand Luken into more of a mountain region to connect both North Luken and South Luken into one country: Luken. But, upon doing so, they got an attack from foreign languaged warriors. They stated that they own the part of land Luken was expanding through. Luken lost, and as a result the connection of north and south would not happen, as when trying the opposite way they will get attacked too.

War on Jakeistan (Year 1500 - 1508)

Jakeistan's rules are getting too strict, so as an act of friendship with Arcadia, Luken declares war on Jakeistan. The war lasted for 8 years, as they fought with naval forces in the ocean between Azunia and Lumilia. No one is sure who won, but many Jakeistan and Luken citizens consider the win to be had by Luken, because Luken lost less soldiers and veichles. 

Luken Civil War (1910)

It has been 900 years since the attack from Arcadia. Since then, Luken has become armed, and has a high place in military personell. But, an argument about who should keep control of the nuclear weapons; North or South. They decided to go to war with one and other, killing around 70,000 civilians.

End of the Luken Civil War (1912)

The war raged on for 2 years, before they finally came to a conclusion that both regions can keep hold of different WMD. Reconstruction started back up straight away and by 1913 they were finally back to normal again.

Inclusion in the Osiris War (2014 - 2015)

Luken, both North and South, fought alongside Arcadia against Lumoshiland. They used jets, tanks and even more, and got boats out to see from the help of Arcadia's boat trucks. Luken also got help from various other Azunian countries.



Originally, when Luken was founded, it was 3/4 desert. Underneath the desert is wet sand, one of Lukens main resources for water. The deserts are roamed by Llamas, camels and.. mini dragons (half a metre long and 100mm tall).


There is only 4/27 of swamp in North and South Luken combined. The swamps are heavily known for their endangered animals and rare woods. Farmers and scientists are doing their best to protect the swamps, and even have a campaign called "Protect the Swamps!". Some endangered animals include: Blue monkeys, piranhas and even some species' of Lukens national animal, Excrates, ape like creatures with less intelligence and pointier ears.



In the winters, it is still boiling hot, but walmer. It has highs of 30ºC celcius and lows of 20ºC. In the swamps of Luken, there are highs of up to 23ºC and lows of 20ºC, not being much variety. On the shores it becomes 27ºC on a normal day, and 24ºC on a worse day. Between the two halves of the country, in the middle of the hot sea, it is nearly bang on the equator, making it up to 36ºC in winter time!


  1. Roy Luken (Years 973 - 1011)
  2. Elman Pabls (Years 1011 - 1031)
  3. Norex Zelbator (Years 1032 - 1042)
  4. Kelvinite André (Years 1043 - 1068)
  5. Indran Obame (Years 1069 - 1098)
  6. Luken Frell (Years 1099 - 1110)
  7. Luken Frell II (Years 1111 - 1122)
  8. Severlan Nigh (Years 1123 - 1134)
  9. Hamlan High (Years 1135 - 1145)
  10. Andrew Sept (Years 1146 - 1156)
  11. Nathen Fro (Years 1157 - 1167)
  12. Samuel Trump (Years 1168 - 1198)
  13. Oliversan Clinton (Years 1199 - 1219)
  14. Luken Frell III (Years 1220 - 1230)
  15. Onisio Nelson (Years 1231 - 1241)
  16. Sanfle Antonio (Years 1242 - 1252)
  17. Andred Partrid (Years 1253 - 1263)
  18. Dennisa Nelson (Years 1264 - 1284)
  19. Tim Neake (Years 1285 - 1295)
  20. Illy Fine (Years 1296 - 1306)
  21. Mander Fillia (Years 1307 - 1317)
  22. Ellie Neake (Years 1318 - 1328)
  23. Samuel Ender (Years 1329 - 1339)


Luken is one of the largest producers of oil in the east. They usually used oil as their main source of power, but recently, the University of Larce has been developing new ideas for the Government to use as alternatives. South Luken is rapidly switching to Nuclear and Solar energy. So far, 30 million homes have been replaced with solar energy, while using nuclear energy to power factories and other high-tech facilities.

Tourist Attractions

The Luken Line

It is a great line of industrial buildings that flow through all of Luken. It starts off at the centre of Grounds in South Luken, then carries on to Larce. From there, it leaves out the whole sea between south and north Luken and goes from Bayland, in North Luken, then through Kaynine, then Olivin to Franisco, then finally at Frantana. Some say it starts off at Zayn, yet it is not official.

Ground Ocean

The ground ocean is a natural selection of hills and rocks sticking out of the ground. It is located in Rhom. There are rocks in the shapes of waves, and some rocks around even look like fish. You're not allowed to touch it, as there are fences around the area, but you can look from the edges of the fences.


Jakeistan (Enemies from 973 - 2016)

Luken was formed out of a rebellion from the Jakeistan government, because Roy Luken did not agree with their rules. They migrated to Azunia and later to Sytiria to stay. As of 1500, Luken declared war on Jakeistan, as Luken hated Queen Jesseran's ways of treating it's civilians. The war lasted for 8 years in Jakeistan, while Arcadia defended Azunia from being trespassed by Jakeistan, so the war had to take place in Jakeistan and sometimes Clausania.

In the year 2000, Jakeistan's prime minister Yoshihara decided there should be a bi-annual Hunger Games every two years. Luken had thought badly about this decision many times, but not revealed it. In the year 2014, Luken could finally face them in the Osiris war, and Luken won. Jakeistan still kept it's "Hunger Games" every 2 years, but Lukens' president Fornisveyt has a plan for the 8th Hunger Games in Jakeistan.

In early 2016, it was reported that Frozax would replace Jakeistan, as Jakeistan took their rules way too strict and deadly. Frozax now like Luken, and trade with eachother month to month.

Arcadia (Enemies from 1009 - 1010)

Luken had trouble with Arcadia for 2 years. All warriors had a hard time getting along when Luken was formed by Arcadia. In 1009, Luken decided to expand more throughout south-west Arcadia, but there were consequences. Luken and Arcadia has a war in 1010, while Luken secretly was gaining land by the month. Throughout the whole war, Luken owner, Roy Luken, was ill with the flu, and didn't have very good military attacks. By autumn of 1010, the war was called off with no winner, and Arcadia allowed Luken to expand through to a certain point.

Over the years after they were enemies, Luken was given military advances and money by Arcadia, and Luken even helped them out in wars.

Anti-Middle Eastern Empire (1502 - 1524)

In 1502, a small empire was formed in Larce. It took over the whole of Larce, and it's goal was to take over the middle east of Osiris. Around twenty years after it's formation, it had gained land in Zayn, Yorkhire, Whales and Lown, and even in Bayland, North Luken. The Luken Military decided it was time for them to vanish, and the A.M.E. was gone after 2 years of warfare in the 6 cities. Remmnants of the war can be found when metal detecting, even logos of the A.M.E.

Lumilia (2014-2015)

In 2014, the Osiris war started, and Luken joined the fight against Lumilia. They were in a personal fight with Jakeistan  at the time, as Luken disagreed with the decisions of Jakeistan. Overall, Luken seems as if they won the battle against Jakeistan.


North Luken

South Luken

South Luken Cities

South Luken's cities


Larce is South Luken's capital city. It is where some quite famous things happened, such as when president Jelus was killed. Some consider it the main capital of both Lukens, because of its large size. The city used to be a resource for coal, mass amounts of coal came in up until the year 2000. To this day they are still shipping of coal to Minafrica and Dohvakia.

It is known for its tall skyscrapers, luxury villas and 4 star hotels. On some shore towns, it is known that there is Arabic speaking citizens. They now own peridot mines, and sell them off around the world.


Yorkhire - or known by locals as "York" - is the second biggest city in South Luken. It is known for having Latin Americans living at its south because of Sketchiria. It is mostly covered in towers and hotels like Larce, but it has more of an Earth Spain feeling to it. This means that there are many streets covering buildings, with many toy machines by it and more.

Sketchiria residents call it their "sister from another mister", as it has many relations to their over seas territory. A small town in north Yorkhire named "Sealand" is known for its great amount weals, seals that live in warm oceans in Osiris. They don't have fur and are vegetarians. They come to Yorkhire since it is peaceful, and are never hunted up there.


Whale is South Luken's third largest city. It is known for its mix of industrial land and desert. The city earns lots of money from its hotels. They may not be the best, but most of them are 3 starred. They also earn money from their great selection of aura quartz, quartz that is used for lots of jewellrey. It is very close to Viceblaze, but shares nothing in common with it.

Deserts are filled with mines of aura quartz, olivine, emeralds, rubies and topaz, the most common being aura quartz. Each gemstone is sold off to other countries around Osiris. Whale got its name from weird appearances such as floating islands (floating about 3ft high) and clouds that lower when they enter the domain of Whale.


Lown is a desert that has few villas placed in towns here and there. It's low in rare resources, but metals such as copper will be found in most of its mines. It's a very peaceful town, and rarely cares about anything war-like that is happening out of the city.

Some people think that Lown's deserts have secret military bases hidden in its sands. Mountains are on the side of the city that enters Soupistan, but the mountains aren't very high and only contain low resources such as granite or quartz veined pebbles, that are often used on jewellery.


Waii (y-ee) a desert that is high in oil. It collects barrels and barrels of them a day and sends them off to Larce to be shipped via airoplane or boat. The city has small towns that live in the fatter part of Waii. Luken citizens stereotype it as "that one city everyone forgets about", as it is normally forgotten. Diamonds are found in restricted mines all around the thinner part of the city.

Little bits of Waii are thought to be rubbish, and not contain any fun or excitement. Those places are normally used as camping sites.


Grounds is a desert city. It consists of small villas, and has great industrial land that flows through Val, Shwoe and Larce. Citizens of Pabels see it as a tourist attraction, as there are theme parks at each corner known as the "four attractors" to locals of Luken and Pabels.

High resources of oil come from a small point in Luken, where desert is visible for miles until turning around. Currently, vast amounts of construction is being done to Grounds. It is speculated to be covered in industrial land by the year 2030.


Val is a great industrial city. There are many factories in Val, but only near its borders. Whilst factories build away, there are many good rated hotels in its centre. There are restricted gold mines between the city and factories, so Val earns quite a lot out of gold.

Vals name comes after its shape, as it nearly looks like an oval. Some say it is the city of the sphere, because of this. Police are on high patrol in the city area of Val, as the gold imported from mines has to be polished at a tall building called "Grabber".


Hound is known as "conspiracy city" to Luken citizens. It is called this as many conspiracies are layed on it, because of its military facility that no one really knowns what happens there. People think about aliens, or zombie experimenting, they think they are the reasons for the zombie outbreaks in Soupistan.

But hound isn't only known for that, it also has the Luken Line going through it. This one holds home to many villa towns, and theatres, and tall buildings. It's contribution to the Luken line is signifigantly extraordinary, as when standing on the line between desert and industrial land, you can see that it is a near exact straight line. This has lead to many beautiful photographs at sunset.


Cornall is known as bait town because of its high resources in fishing equipment. Basically, Cornall is full of oil sites, and they send off oil throughout the world. Many know it for its contribution to the Luken Line, as it goes in a zig zag. Also, there are no tall towers in Cornall, just schools, villas, supermarkets and beach towns.

It is also the third smallest city in South Luken, Zayn being second and Devn being first.


Zayn is known as "shreks swamp", as the city is mostly covered in swampland. It is hardly populated, and only holds home to blacksmiths and lumber jacks, living on small boat houses. It is also the second smallest city in South Luken.


Devn is the smallest city in Luken. They ship out minerals and oil throughout Osiris.


In Luken, there is much deserts. Undernearf many deserts or beaches is oil, meaning that Luken is quite high on oil. Their oil is passed through all of Osiris through shipping and sale between shore salesmen. The oil is vast, meaning they have many years left of collecting oil. They gain $2,400,000 a year from oil. Deep at the far north of Luken are swamps. These swamps have tree's that contain thick wood, which is regular for building. There are houses in the swamps that act as boats, and the people that live there are woodsmiths that send off the wood to only the opposite lands. As this wood is extremely rare, it can really only be obtained at the the north of Luken. Fortunately, woodsmiths and farmers work together to plant more of this rare tree known as Land's Tree in the swamps.                                    

Minerals are common in Luken. In the deserts, there are various mountains containing crystals and gemstones, such as Olivine, Quartz, Topaz and Diamond. The Topaz and Diamond areas are restricted, but picking Quartz and Olivine is just fine with the Luken Government. But, in the seas, scuba divers can find many clams and oysters with various varieties of Pearls. Some areas with Pearls growing continuously are restricted and used as a local money machine.


The citizens of North and South Luken use Luken Pounds, a national currency. One Luken pound directly equals $2.36. A penny is called a.. well.. penny. All penny coins come in copper, all Luken pound coins come in bismuth plated with silver from 1 to 10 Luken pounds. There are 5 varieties of pennies: One penny, 10 pennies, 30 pennies, 50 pennies and 80 pennies. Also, there are __ varieties of Luken pound coins: 1 pound, 2 pounds, 5 pounds and 10 pounds.

Luken pound bills come in 8 different varieties: 1 pound, 5 pounds, 10 pounds, 20 pounds, 30 pounds, 50 pounds, 100 pounds and 1000 pounds. They are made with plastic.

Luken Space Agency

The Luken Space Agency (also known as LSA) is an agency created by the Luken Government in 1969. Initially, the agency was founded for non-manned space travel, but in 1999, the agency allowed astronauts to be hired for the agency. So far, they have conducted zero gravity experiments and weather predictions from space, and plan to send their astronauts to Osiris' moon in 2017, after the peace treaty between was signed in 2015 about the laws of space.

Currently, the LSA have had 23 astronauts:

  1. Lucas Raviolsé (Yorkhire, 1999 - present)
  2. Elise Wlaney (Franisco, 1999 - present)
  3. Evan Powter (Kaynine, 1999 - 2008)
  4. Tafara Tartsman (Kaynine, 2000 - 2014)
  5. Ryan Shingle (Croventry, 2001 - present)
  6. Jasmine Chad (Larce, 2004 - present)
  7. Eva Lotter (Larce, 2004 - present)
  8. Brodey Shaw (Rhom, 2004 - 2005)
  9. Evan Richardson (Yorkhire, 2005 - present)
  10. Evan More (Kaynine, 2005 - 2005)
  11. Rowan Smore (Frantana, 2006 - 2015)
  12. Lily Hoggs (Olivin, 2006 - present)
  13. Ayesha Panns (Olivin, 2006 - present)
  14. Tim Sneak (Olivin, 2006 - 2008)
  15. Olivier Snok (Yorkhire, 2008 - 2016)
  16. Leonie Halls (Val, 2008 - present)
  17. Oliver Ayy (Liken, 2009 - 2011)
  18. Mikey Angle (Waii, 2009 - present)
  19. Angie Michael (Kaynine, 2010 - present)
  20. Alan Mitchell (Larce, 2011 - present)
  21. Fred Wong (Zayn, 2011 - present)
  22. John Orange (Mraket, 2013 - present)
  23. Ciara Gray (Kaynine, 2015 - present)



In North Luken, people listen to rock and pop, normally. On celebration days they'd normally play pop, and at concerts and fun-fairs they play rock music. Its very different around the north part of the country, as the parts near the sea play pop, and in land more they play more rock music.

In South Luken, people listen to country and/or house music on a regular basis. On road trips or just camps they listen to country music. In the city areas they play classical and house music, aka repetitive lyrics that get repeated over and over again.


Most of Luken is considered non-religious, but some of it may be a variety of different religions, as the Luken Government doesn't really care what religion you are.


Luken's source of electricity is from solar panels. Solar panels are an easy resource for Luken, as they get created from a nearby country seller. Instead of getting the money for it unlike some real life countries, they also use wind turbines for occasions such as Spring or Autumn.


Luken have their own sports called 'Hexagonal Ball' which involves directly throwing a hexagonal ball through a hexagon hole a bit bigger that the ball its self. The game is pretty competitive, and the way to tackle is by hitting your hands against the ball while the oposition is holding it.

Throughout the start, you pass the ball by throwing it to each other. The goals (the hole) is defended by four people wearing helmets with a polo shirt, trousers and special shoes for the fielders. The next fielder is the Middle-Fielders. There is the Left Middle-Fielder, the Center Middle-Fielder and the Right Middle-Fielder.  They wear a cap, a polo shirt and special shoes for the fielders. The next fielders are the Up-Fielders. There are only two that wear a cap, polo shirt, trousers, special shoes and special gloves to shoot. Also, the country is popular with soccer, tennis, badminton and cricket.



Many of Luken speak English. There is no national language, but on some shore towns, there are Arabic speaking people.

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