Here is the list of all levels in Luke the Cat.

World 1: Nifty Neighborhood

Level Name Description
1-1 The Adventure Begins The first level in the game, as well as the tutorial level teaching players how to play. It takes place in the peaceful neighborhood, with houses around.
1-2 Baseball Cat The second level in the game, it introduces the Baseball Bat, the first weapon Luke can use to beat his enemies. It takes place in another part of the neighborhood.
1-3 Mouse In the House This level takes place inside someone's house. This level also introduces Keys, items which are required to open doors and advance.
1-4 Trail Mix-up This level takes place on the grasslands just outside the neighborhood. It introduces the first projectile weapon: the Slingshot, which can be used to attack enemies from a distance.
1-Boss Angry Dog The Angry Dog is the first boss of the game. His battle is fairly easy: When he charges at you, you have to avoid him and let him crash into the walls, then you can jump on him to hurt him.

World 2: Cheerful City

Level Name Description
2-1 City Tour This level takes place in a busy city, with billboards, tall buildings, and hazardous cars that drive from the background. Luke needs to be careful not to get hit.
2-2 Stinky Sewers This level takes place in the sewers.
2-3 Mall Mania This level takes place in a mall, with various shops and restaurants. This level introduces Grappling Hooks, which can be used to swing on Hooks, as well as to defeat enemies. There are also elevators which can be ridden by Luke, and switches requiring the use of the Slingshot.
2-4 Apartment Frenzy This level takes place inside an apartment. This level requires you to explore various rooms to collect three keys in order to unlock a door and complete the level.

World 3: Happy Hills

Level Name Description
3-1 Peaceful Plains This level takes place in a grass plain, with a long road and trees and houses seen in the background.
3-2 Lakeside Lane This level takes place in a lake in the fields. Swimming mechanics return in this level.
3-3 Rainyday Rush This level takes place on the grass plain, but this time, it's raining. There are various houses you can enter, some having secrets, and some required to progress. There are also small ponds that Luke can swim in.
3-4 The Rainyday Train This level starts out at a train station, but then the player enters a train, and most of the level takes place in the moving train in the rainy grasslands.

World 4: Calamity Coast

Level Name Description
4-1 Summer Vacation This level takes place in a small beach town, with various stores.
4-2 Hotel Heist This level takes place inside a hotel.
4-3 Coastline Capers This level takes place in the beach, with buildings seen in the background. Swimming mechanics return in this level, and some areas have water that continously go up and down.
4-4 Marvelous Reef Most of this level takes place underwater in a beautiful coral reef. A major gimmick is currents, which can drag the player.
4-5 Terror Ship This level takes place in the dark depths of the sea, with shipwrecks littered around. Halfway, you enter a sunken ship.
4-Boss Giant Squid Giant Squid is the boss of this world. The level where you fight it scrolls continously, and he attacks by shooting ink at you or attacking with tentacles.

World 5: Funky Forest

Level Name Description
5-1 Woodland Way This level takes place in a sunny, peaceful forest with several houses around.
5-2 Across the River This level takes place in a river flowing through the forest. It is mostly made out of swimming sections and currents which drag Luke across the river.
5-3 Treetop Trouble This level takes place on the treetops. This level contains many wide gaps that you can fall in, as well as platforms that crumble when you step on them.
5-4 Foggy Forest This level takes place in a creepy, foggy part of the forest. In certain parts, the field will be obscured by fog. These parts introduce the Flashlight, which helps Luke see through the fog and darkness.
5-5 Grave Danger This level takes place in a graveyard. This level's gimmicks are the floating tablelike platforms, which the player can use as platforms over pits.
5-6 Horrific House This level takes place in a haunted mansion.

World 6: Mt. Menace

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