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Luke the Cat
Developer(s) Oggy1232
Platform(s) Nintendo Wii U
Genre(s) Platformer

Luke the Cat is a 2.5D platformer game. It stars a yellow pet cat named Luke and revolves around his quest to stop evil mice that took food and other stuff from his homeland.


The game begins with shot of a peaceful neighborhood, which then cuts to a house. In the house, a young girl is checking a cupboard, when suddenly a mouse springs out, carrying candies. Meanwhile, an older boy checks the fridge, only for him to find a mouse carrying a cake. Then, their mother, a woman, is watching tv, when suddenly mice carry the television away! It then cut to the titular cat, Luke, seeing the mice carrying the tv, and then he spots more mice carrying various foodstuffs and other things, including cheeseburgers! He then follows the mice to find the mice carrying all the food and others in a trolley, and driving off! Angry, Luke chases after them, while his owners watch him from a distance.


Luke the Cat is a sidescrolling game. The player, Luke, can simply jump at enemies to defeat them, as well as clawing them, but he can also use weapons with various powers, as well as doing a ground pound. Level goals are represented by mice carrying a trolley of foods, which leaves as soon as Luke arrives and ending the level.


Appearance Name Description
Luke 2
Luke A happy, yellow cat, and the main character of the story, who lives peacefully with his owners until the mice attacked.


No. World  Description
1 Nifty Neighborhood The neighborhood where Luke and his owners live, filled with houses. The place is usually peaceful... Until the mice invaded, at least.
2 Cheerful City This world takes place in a busy city near the neighborhood. Most of the levels are city-themed and fairly easy, but more challenging than the first world.
3 Happy Hills This world takes place in a rural grassland outside the city. The levels here are more challenging than the first two.
4 Calamity Coast This world takes place in a beach town at first, but later levels has you going into the ocean. Swimming mechanics is featured heavily here.
5 Funky Forest This world takes place in a forest. Most of the levels take place in a peaceful forest, but the last few has you exploring haunted, ghost house levels.
6 Mt. Menace This world takes place in a mountain range. The first few levels take place in a rocky mountain, but as you progress, the levels become cold and snowy.

For the list of the levels in each world, see Luke the Cat/Levels.

Items and Weapons


Appearance Name Description
Cookie The most common item in the game. Collecting 100 Cookies will earn you an extra life.
Cheeseburger Replenishes 1 health point.
Heart-Shaped Chocolate Gives Luke an extra life.
Flashlight The Flashlight can be used for the player to illuminate places obscured by darkness or fog.


Appearance Name Description
Baseball Bat The Baseball Bat can make Luke's hit attack stronger. Some objects require the Baseball Bat to be destroyed.
Slingshot Can hit far-away targets.
Grappling Hook The Grappling hook can be used to grab on hooks and swing across gaps, in addition to defeating enemies.
Water Gun It can spray water at opponents. In addition to defeating enemies, it can also affect the environment.
Freeze Ray It can freeze opponents.

Enemies and Bosses

Regular Enemies

Appearance Name Description First Appearance
Mouse (Luke)
Mouse Mice are the first, the weakest, and the most common enemies in this game. They can be defeated by simply jumping at them. 1-1
Bird (Luke)
Bird Birds are weak flying enemies which simply fly around from left to right, or up and down. Like Mice, they can be defeated by a jump. 1-1
Cockroach Cockroaches are as weak as mice, but they can walk on walls. They can be defeated by a jump. 1-1
Ken (Luke)
Ken Ken is a boy wearing a baseball cap and colorful shirt who wields a baseball bat. He usually walks around from left to right, but if Luke approaches him, he will try to bash him. He can be defeated by being jumped on twice. Sometimes, he yields the Baseball Bat when defeated. 1-2
Dog Dogs usually walk around, but will chase Luke when he comes near. They need to be defeated with two jumps, but a single hit from the baseball bat can also defeat them. 1-2
Sling Mice Sling Mice are basically Mice that equip slingshots, allowing them to shoot projectiles at Luke. They are still weak, though. 2-1
Flutter Flutters are butterfly-like enemies. They simply fly around, and can be defeated in one hit. 3-1
Froggo A frog enemy. This enemy simply jumps up and down and can be defeated with a jump. 3-2
Fish A fish enemy. This enemy are around in most water stages and simply swims around. 3-2


Appearance Name



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