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Luke the Cat
Developer(s) Oggy1232
Platform(s) Nintendo Wii U
Genre(s) Platformer

Luke the Cat is a 2.5D platformer game. It stars a yellow pet cat named Luke and revolves around his quest to stop evil mice that invaded his owners' homeland.




Luke the Cat is a sidescrolling game. The player, Luke, can simply jump at enemies to defeat them, but he can also use weapons with various power, as well as doing a ground pound.


Appearance Name Description
Luke A happy, yellow cat, and the main character of the story, who lives peacefully with his owners until the mice attacked.


No. World  Description Boss
1 Nifty Neighborhood The neighborhood where Luke and his owners live. The place is usually peaceful... Until the mice invaded, at least. Angry Dog
2 Happy Hills This world takes place in the peaceful grasslands outside Luke's neighborhood. Most of the stages are grass-themed and fairly easy, but more challenging than the first world. Gator King
3 Treacherous Trail This world takes place in a dry desert. Most of the levels are desert-themed, with obstacles like quicksands making the levels more challenging. The Alien
4 Calamity Coast This world takes place in a beach at first, but later levels has you going into the ocean. Swimming mechanics is featured heavily here.
5 Wacky Wilderness This level takes place in a forest. Most of the levels take place in a peaceful forest, but the last few has you exploring haunted, ghost house levels.

For the list of the levels in each world, see Luke the Cat/Levels.

Items and Weapons

Food Items

Appearance Name Description
Cookie The most common item in the game. Collecting 100 Cookies will earn you an extra life.
Cake Slice Replenishes 1 health point.
Whole Cake Replenishes all health points.
Heart-Shaped Chocolate Gives Luke an extra life.


Appearance Name Quirk
Wooden Bat None
Slingshot Can hit far-away targets.

Enemies, Hazards and Bosses

Regular Enemies

Appearance Name Description
Mouse Mice are the weakest, and the first and one of the most common enemies you can encounter in the game.
Dog Dogs are slightly stronger than mice. They need to be jumped on or hit twice to be defeated. They first appear at Level 1-2.
Bee Bees are relatively weak enemies that simply fly around, and can be defeated in one hit. They first appear at level 1-2.
Cockroach Cockroaches are as weak as mice, however they can walk on walls. The best way to defeat them is to hit them, though they can be jumped on as well.
Pigeon Pigeons are flying enemies who attack by swooping down at Luke. They can be defeated by being jumped on or be hit. They first appear at Level 1-3.
Butterfly Butterflies simply fly around and can be defeated by being jumped on. They first appear at Level 2-1.
Cannon Mouse Cannon Mice make their first appearance at Level 2-1. They are similar to normal Mice, but carry cannons which they use to shoot projectiles at Luke.
Froggy Froggies are frogs that make their first appearance at Level 2-3. They either attack by sticking out their tongues or jumping at the player. They usually only jump around.
Lil' Gator Lil' Gators are tiny alligators, commonly found at Level 2-4. When they spot Luke, they will charge at him and attempt to bite him. Some are summoned during Gator King's fight.
Pukey Pukeys are green blob enemies that make their appearance at level 2-4. They simply move around until Luke comes, where they will shoot goo at Luke.
Dusty These jerboa-like enemies make their first appearance at level 3-1. They simply jump around.
Salmon Salmons are fish enemies that make their first appearance in level 4-1 and appear in most water levels. They simply swim around.
Shark Sharks make their appearances in most levels of World 4. They will swim at Luke when he comes, and will attempt to hurt him.




Appearance Name
Angry Dog
Gator King



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